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Betty Gil

Ms. Betty Gil

Betty Gil and Daughter

Ms. Betty Gil and Daughter

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Enrolling in Apollos was an incredibly good decision for me. With the extreme limitations of time due to my life demands, Apollos and the Your Terms option has allowed me to reach my goals.”
— Ms. Betty Gil
GREAT FALLS, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Betty Gil, a Doctorate of Business Administration student at Apollos University, recently completed her end of program qualifying exams and has entered the “all but dissertation” phase of the program. Along with this academic achievement, Betty was also recently promoted to Regional Director at Northwell Health. Congratulations Betty! This promotion is one of several recent advancements as Betty, after a long, progressive professional career, joined Northwell as a Supervisor 4 years ago, was promoted to Practice Management, and then Senior Administrative Manager. Of all these achievements, Betty attributes here professional success to her academic accomplishments and that “dedication, integrity, drive, and commitment” are all components of her success. Betty also stated that she believes these same attributes can “deliver a success story” for others as well.

As a 1.5 generation immigrant, having immigrated from Ecuador with her family when she was only 12, Betty has overcome many obstacles in obtaining both her academic and professional achievements. Though she had taken some English classes prior to immigrating, Betty had to learn English relatively late in life and reflects that “not knowing the language was a tremendous challenge” that taught her some “harsh realities” of growing up in an unfamiliar culture and language environment.

Today, Betty is a single mother of “a fabulous twelve-year-old who is my life and inspiration for all I do.” Despite her responsibilities as a mother, all of the extracurricular activities that come along with parenthood, and a busy work schedule of upwards of 50 hours per week, Betty has carved out an impressive academic career, graduating Summa Cum Laude during her Bachelor’s degree and achieving an almost perfect GPA during her master’s degree. Betty has also maintained an exceptional GPA during her coursework at Apollos University.

Betty admits, “this did not come easy” and attributes her success to time management strategies that included “setting alarms to 4:30 am daily, weekends included, to study or do school work for 1 hour before having to get ready for my daughter’s school and work.” This allowed her to “capture that much needed silence” to focus. Betty also took advantage of the benefits of distance education and studied at her daughter’s “swimming classes, singing classes, choir practices, and tutoring.” Betty admits she sometimes “dozed off through rehearsals” as a result, but this dedication allowed her to both complete her schoolwork and also be physically present for her daughter.

Of her decision to join Apollos, Betty states that “enrolling in Apollos was an incredibly good decision for me. With the extreme limitations of time due to my life demands, Apollos and the Your Terms option has allowed me to reach my goals. To anyone considering joining Apollos University, I would advise to confidently make the commitment.” To Betty, these are not only words, they are a passion she has shared. Betty has recommended Apollos to several of her co-workers who were inspired by Betty’s example and joined an Apollos program as well! Of these fellow co-workers and the Apollos dedication to individualized student service, Betty stated that “it brings true satisfaction to know these individuals will be taken care of. If truly driven to succeed, they will grow to appreciate this gift. A gift that took me a considerable time in finding and for which I am most thankful for today.”

When asked about her personal reflections on being an Apollos student spotlight, Betty concluded that she was quite honored but that the request “certainly came as a surprise.” Betty added that “as the private person I tend to be, I had my reservations about accepting this invitation. As I gave it more thought, though, I decided why not? If the school leadership is asking if I would agree to do this piece, maybe my story will resonate.”

And resonate, we think it will as this next quote exemplifies. Betty added: “Taking this opportunity allows me to highlight that no matter how many challenges are present, perseverance is key. We are always asked about our short-term and long-term goals. I did not anticipate I would be pursuing my Doctorate in my mid 40’s, but I am glad I did. I’m glad I did not give up. I’m glad my short-term goals have evolved and continue to evolve into something larger, more relevant, significant and hopefully more impactful as I put into practice all that my leadership courses have highlighted, and, as I empower others to not give up, to keep on going.”

As she continues to be an example for her daughter and for the rest of us as well, Betty is certainly a worthy role model. After graduation, Betty has plans for further professional achievements which includes the prospect of teaching. Her aim is to “share information and skills with future generations of business leaders,” and that “paying it forward while contributing to our collective future will continue to be on my to-do list.”

Once again, congratulations Betty on your recent achievements and we wish you all the best in your short term and long-term aspirations!

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