California U.S. Congressional Candidate Eric Early poised to defeat Adam Schiff in Nov




California U.S. Congressional Candidate ERIC EARLY (R) Calls Out Adam Schiff for his Continual Lying To The Voters In California

I support law enforcement, will do whatever is necessary to fight our rising crime and California’s “Criminal’s Paradise”, I have a plan to deal with homelessness, I support the repeal of AB-5”
BURBANK , CA, USA, September 1, 2020 / -- California Attorney ERIC EARLY (R) who is bringing a major challenge to Adam Schiff’s Congressional seat for November in California 28th District, say’s “Schiff continues to lie to the people of our nation and our district here in California, and it’s time to put a stop to it.”

Eric Early is a father, small businessman and attorney who is running against Adam Schiff for Congress in California’s 28th Congressional District. His Campaign has raised over $2 million in donations to-date. Eric has been endorsed by among many others, The California Republican Party, Los Angeles County Republican Party, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, former Governor Pete Wilson, former Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley.

Early said today, “Adam Schiff continues to lie to the American people, this time regarding the Director of National Intelligence’s (DNI’s) decision to stop briefing in-person on election security issues. Schiff has for months misrepresented, lied by omission and politicized that information, repeating over and over that, “the Russians continue to help Donald Trump again,” when all the information which has been made publicly available shows:

(1) The Communist Chinese are the most dangerous and powerful malign actors attempting to interfere with our elections, and they are doing so in order to help Joe Biden win the election (Schiff omits this in his statements about foreign election interference);

(2) The Mullahs in Iran also are trying to interfere with our election in order to help Joe Biden win the election (Schiff also omits this in his statements about foreign election interference); and

(3) That Russia continues to interfere in our elections for the purpose of trying to undermine the belief of Americans in the strength of our elections regardless of who wins the Presidency (Schiff also omits this in his statements about foreign election interference).

Schiff’s mis-statements, lies by omission, overt politicization and leaking of our nation’s confidential information on election interference appears to be lie the heart of DNI’s latest decision on how that information will be shared with Congress in the future. Put another way, Schiff’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

Early said “Schiff lives in Maryland and has let down our District on so many levels. It’s time for a real change to solve the issues that face the 28th District and our nation.”

Early said that his base is fired up and that, “We are seeing growing support from Democrats and Independents. Even people who normally don’t vote are coming up to me and saying thank you for running, we are praying for you and will be voting for you. We have over 500 volunteers. My team and I see, hear and feel the momentum growing.”

CALIFORNIANS IN THE 28 DISTRICT DO HAVE A CHOICE THIS NOVEMBER. They can choose Eric Early who can actually get things done for his District.


Eric Early is a father, small businessman and attorney who is running against Adam Schiff for Congress in California’s 28th Congressional District.

Eric is the co-owner and Managing Partner of a 25 lawyer nationally recognized law firm which practices in courts throughout America ( He signs the front of many people’s paychecks every two weeks. Eric and his fiancé Emerald have 4 children, three dogs and a cat between them. Eric’s son is a successful business owner of a private jet charter company. Eric’s daughter has toured the world twice in rock bands. Eric’s soon to be stepson is currently stationed on an aircraft carrier in the Navy. Eric’s parents were legal immigrants to America. At 17, Eric’s dad enlisted in the Marines during the Korean War and fought in North Korea in the Korean War as part of the Chosen Reservoir Campaign. He returned home with a Purple Heart and raised a family.

Eric is not a politician. He has a blessed family, a wonderful law firm and will take a massive pay cut if elected. Eric loves America and could not remain on the sidelines. In Eric’s first race for public office, he ran for California Attorney General in 2018. Although Eric did not win, he received almost one million votes statewide.

He jumped in the race against Adam Schiff for Congress for two main reasons. First, Eric believes that there is a battle of good versus evil currently raging in our country, to the point where those who support communism and socialism remarkably now populate certain portions of our government. Now is not a time for good people to sit on the sidelines as the evil multiply. Second, Eric lives in the 28th District and personally took Adam Schiff’s endless lies about the President supposedly colluding with the Russians to get elected. Eric got fed up, so he stepped up. Eric jumped in the race even before Schiff’s impeachment travesty began.

Soon after entering the race, Eric was endorsed by the Los Angeles County Republican Party. Eric has also been endorsed by many other great individuals and organizations including The California Republican Party, The Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly, The California Republican Assembly, former Governor Pete Wilson, former L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley, former County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Ken Calvert, Congressman Tom McClintock, and many others.

Eric beat six other challengers in the March 3 primary for the distinct privilege of taking on Schiff head to head. The campaign has a robust national small donor fundraising effort which is helping fuel the campaign against one of the most hated politicians in America today and one of the worst Congressmen of our lifetimes. Eric’s campaign has received more than $2 million in donations made up of approximately 30,000 individual donations of all sizes.

In addition to the harm Schiff has caused the nation, he has completely abandoned the 28thDistrict, has done nothing while the homelessness epidemic exploded in the District, wants to defund law enforcement, and unlike Eric, lacks the tools that will be needed to rebuild the 28th

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