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Paula Bullock Veterinarian Continues Focus on Placing Rescued Pets With Forever Homes Across U.S.

Paula Bullock Veterinarian

Paula Bullock Veterinarian

Now successfully placing more than 8,000 pets with new forever homes each year, Paula Bullock veterinarian provides a closer look at the process.

DURHAM, NC, USA, August 21, 2020 / -- From rescuing, assessing, caring for, and fostering out, to placing countless pets with new guardians in forever homes nationwide, Paula Bullock veterinarian has been focused on animal welfare for more than 25 years. Establishing and ultimately selling her popular veterinary practice to proud new owners a number of years ago, Bullock then founded George's Place – a North Carolina-based animal sanctuary which now pulls and adopts out thousands of pets each year, caring for them, and then transporting them, free of charge, to new forever homes throughout the United States.

At George's Place Animal Sanctuary, unwanted, homeless, rescued, and abandoned pets are either fostered or adopted out, depending on the individual animal and its background, health, and temperament, according to Paula Bullock veterinarian. Short-term fostering, Bullock says, allows pets with complicated histories and other issues to adjust to life at home with individuals and families who are experienced in the fostering and adoption process. "Once adjusted, these pets can then find forever homes with new owners across the country," adds the veterinarian and animal adoption expert.

Under Paula Bullock veterinarian, George's Place Animal Sanctuary proudly provides free veterinary care and transport for adopted pets to their new forever homes across the U.S. Established and incorporated by Bullock more than 15 years ago, the charity is located in Durham, North Carolina. Durham, lifelong animal lover Paula says, is best known for its scholarly institutions and technology companies. "It's also home to the popular Museum of Life and Science," she adds, "which boasts incredible wildlife habitats for lemurs, bears, and more."

"From cats and dogs to rabbits and guinea pigs, at George's Place, we've been committed to placing rescued pets with forever homes across the U.S. for more than a decade and a half," reveals Paula Bullock veterinarian, "and my team and I continue to look forward to doing more of the same for many years to come."

Holding public charity status, George's Place—as George's Place Animal Sanctuary and Mobile Animal Care—backed by generous donations, gifts, and other contributions, now, thanks to Paula Bullock veterinarian and her team, successfully pulls and adopts out in excess of 8,000 cats, dogs, and other pets annually.

Since graduating as a veterinarian and opening her own practice in the mid-1990s, Paula Bullock veterinarian has spent her life focused on animal welfare, care, and adoption. Second only to family, Paula's passion for animals, wildlife, the veterinary field, and the growing network of much-needed animal rescue, rehoming, and sanctuary organizations across the United States has even seen her turn her hand to hosting a popular pet adoption-focused radio show—The Petting Zoo—on a nearby local station. Outside of her professional and charitable endeavors, Paula Bullock veterinarian and her family enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors, and have a particular love of snow and water sports, among a wealth of other interests and hobbies.

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