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Griffin Poutre Speaks Out About Building Good Lifestyle and Career Habits for the Future


Griffin Poutre Featured in Exclusive 1 on 1 Interview

NEWMARKET, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2020 / -- Griffin Poutre was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Thrive Global. He spoke about building positive lifestyle and career habits for the future.

Born in Lewiston, Maine, Griffin Poutre is a passionate Political Science student, studying at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Throughout his life, he has been involved and invested in the U.S. political system.

In his interview, Griffin explained that when he feels unfocused, he reminds himself of the end goal, which acts as a great motivator.

He also shared how Congressman Ron Paul is his biggest inspiration and influence in politics. Griffin explained that the 2012 Presidential campaign was when he began paying attention to politics and Ron Paul was the only candidate that resonated with him.

Finally, Griffin Poutre explained what legacy he hopes to leave behind.

“I hope to leave behind a legacy of hard work, dedication, and commitment to the wellbeing and liberty of my country and community. I want to have a positive effect on the world and to leave it better than I found it,” said Griffin Poutre.

“I want human beings in my country and around the world to be freer and more prosperous than they were at the time I was born. If I can contribute towards that goal, then my life was a life well-lived.”

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About Griffin Poutre

Throughout his life, Griffin Poutre has been involved and invested in the U.S. political system. He currently studies Political Science at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. He attended Exeter High School where, in his Junior year, he was elected class president. He was responsible for reaching out to the community and local businesses for fundraising support and procurement of donations for class activities. In 2014, Griffin interned for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and former U.S. Senator Scott Brown. Griffin has also worked for Young Americans for Liberty and has lent his hand volunteering for Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign in New Hampshire and Andy Sanborn’s congressional campaign in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. Most recently, Griffin completed an internship with Eric Brakey’s campaign for Congress in Maine’s Second District, where he gained experience reaching out to rural voters, who are frequently ignored by political campaigns. Griffin’s passion for politics stems from his commitment to his community, his state, and his country. Griffin strongly believes in civic engagement and responsible stewardship of one’s country.

Griffin Poutre
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