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Old electronics turn to trees - Gizmogo supports environmental change by purchasing used smartphones and electronics

The small tech company is already known in over 18 countries and helping plant a tree with every online sale.

CHINO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 19, 2020 / -- A new online tech company based in California has recently made news headlines, announcing that they will donate $1 dollar to planting a tree for each online purchase. The announcement has been met with great enthusiasm, as a spokesperson for Gizmogo shared that they are changing the way tech companies can make an impact on the betterment of the environment.

The newly launched Gizmogo website has seen an influx of support, with many users selling their previously used smartphones and electronics to the company. In return, the company has vowed to rather donate $1 of each purchase they make to planting a tree. The efforts made by the tech company has managed to gain some popularity, as the company is trying to rethink how old electronics can be recycled and reused to improve the environment. “For years, millions of old smartphones and other used electronics have ended in landfills across the U.S. We have established Gizmogo to change this, managing the intake of the purchases we make, and donating a portion of the profits to plant more trees,” tells Joshua Boughton from Gizmogo.
Although other buyback websites and businesses have been surfacing in recent years, these companies have been making profits from private investors and shareholders. The company decided to rather give back to the community, than fill the pockets of their active shareholders.

The company does manage to gain substantial funding from their efforts to recycle and refurbish previously owned devices. Boughton has shared that the process leading up to the initial launch has been somewhat challenging, but soon enough the team realized that they can plant one tree for every device they purchase.

“In our initial planning, we thought that we’d have to purchase many old devices before we can donate any of our profits. In time, the concept has caught on relatively quickly, and we can now purchase, recycle, refurbish, and donate more profits than anticipated,” shares Boughton.

Although the initiative may seem good on paper, the company has assured customers that their employees remain active figures with third party nonprofits. This has helped encourage employees to do regular follow-ups with tree planting projects – other technology and satellite imaging software has also helped them stay on track of where new trees are planted.

Users will have the capability to sell either their old smartphone or any other electronics. The buyback trend has not only been popular among Americans, as the company previously shared in a media release that their support has already reached over 18 different countries. In April 2020, the company saw a significant increase in sellers, which has enabled them to donate over one thousand dollars in tree planting projects.

“We know that companies, no matter how big or small can and should make a difference. Big tech companies have been scrutinized for years on the ecological impact they have. The raw materials and resources needed to create and sell a single smartphone can place immense pressure on an already teeming environment,” Boughton tells us.

Gizmogo has managed to strike some good arrangements with state officials and third parties which has enabled them to secure their efforts against tree logging. Those willing to sell old smartphones and electronics request a quote, sell their device, get paid from Gizmogo from Max Cash, and have the company do the rest.

Customers who are looking to sell and purchase a refurbished device can also review their extensive online Buyback Store, as the company takes the efforts to completely make disregarded tech re-usable again.

Whether customers are looking to make a few extra dollars, or simply feel that they are doing their part to help fight climate change, Gizmogo is an option worth considering. The company has already showed many customers the impact old technology can have, and are planning to improve their efforts in the near future.

Interested nonprofits and customers who want to do their part in helping Gizmogo save the environment can visit their website at,

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