The Peace Song Awards Announces Finalists in its 4th Annual Search for Music, Spoken Word, and Videos Promoting Peace

Sangeeta Kaur performing

Sangeeta Kaur performing at the 2019 PSA Ceremony; Sangeeta is the PSA's 2016 Grand Prize Winner, and founder of

Steve Robertson speaking

Steve Robertson opens the Peace Song Awards each year with words of inspiration, gratitude and peace; he is the Founder/CEO of EvolvingPlanet7/ProjectPeaceOnEarth and producer of The Peace Song Awards.

The 4th Annual Peace Song Awards Finalists announced today; winners to be awarded on 9/21/20

Stewart Copeland, Caroline Myss, Ph.D., and Dennis Kucinich join the organization’s famed Jury Panel in searching for inspiring messages of peace in the arts.

This was an extremely important year, given the Covid-19 worldwide issue and struggles for justice. Music, spoken word, videos and sound-healing are a path to hope in uplifting the heart of humanity.”
— Steve Robertson, Founder
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 9, 2020 / -- Believing and pursuing peace is as important today as it was at any time in the world’s history. With a global reach and inspiring mission, the Peace Song Awards (PSA) are thought to be the first to hold an annual worldwide search for the most spiritually-inspiring songs, spoken word poetry, sound-healing and music videos promoting messages of peace. Today, the organization’s founder Steve Robertson -- long-time global peace activist and Founder/CEO of, a registered 501c3 organization tax-exempt (EIN # 84-2801211) based in Los Angeles -- announces nominees for its 4th Peace Song Awards Ceremony.

"This is an extremely important year to support peace, given the Covid-19 worldwide issue and struggles for justice,” Robertson said in today’s announcement. “Music, spoken word, videos and sound-healing music are both a creative outlet and a path to hope in uplifting the heart of humanity. It has been an honor to listen to all of the amazing contest submissions, and the Jury Panel is excited to announce the FINALISTS in each category.”

Each of the following categories received copious entries, with visionary high-quality music and art flowing in from across the world: New Age, World Music, Acoustic Contemporary, Rock / Pop, Country and Folk, A Cappella/Choral/Classical/Opera, Jazz, Hip Hop, Spoken Word Poetry, Sound-Healing, and a Music Video category. Jury Panel members will narrow down each category to a single winner to be announced on September 21, 2020, a date chosen to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

The expert producers, artists, speakers, peace activists and celebrities serving on the PSA's Jury Panel is one of its greatest draws for artists seeking a wider audience for their art. The jury includes Stewart Copeland (5x GRAMMY Winner, The Police), Caroline Myss, Ph.D. (5x NYTimes best-selling author/speaker), Dennis Kucinich (former US Representative / US Department of Peace), Peter Joseph (Director of the Zeitgeist series) and many more whose biographies are listed here:

All contestants ultimately have three ways to win in each category: 1) Jury Prize, selected by the Jury Panel members voting on songs / videos in their area of expertise, 2) Public Voting, in which contestant invite the public to vote on their songs or videos, and 3) Social Media, by becoming the musician or video with most overall Facebook likes and reaches in a category. Public voting success does not influence the Jury Prize selection. Winners of each music category have the chance to win a wide variety of prizes to enhance their careers.

Robertson states "Each person who participated with a song, a sound-healing, spoken word poetry or music video, whether they were voted a Finalist or not, is a true winner...they’ve already uplifted our world with their intent to help heal and bring peace to our world. In following, our sponsors help us to share our vision of peace. We are thankful to Hope Olsen of JR Olsen Bonds and Insurance Brokers for her ever-gracious care, support and generosity as a Peace Song Awards Jury Panel Member and as a sponsor of our continued efforts to promote the message of peace through our Evolving Planet 7 and Peace Song Awards initiatives. I/we also want to give my heartfelt thanks to Empower With Arts and its founders Sangeeta Kaur and Trinh Hoang Hai who have graciously and consistently served to sponsor our PSA initiatives and serve as Jury Panel Members with us.”

Here are the 4th Annual Peace Song Awards Finalists, listed by Category, with Artist Name and Song Title in alphabetical order by last name:

Note: * Indicates a voting tie, resulting in 6 Top Finalists rather than a Top 5.

Patricia Bahia - “Be Here Now"
Merrill Collins (featuring David Vito Gregoli and Kimberly Haynes) - “Om Mani Padme Hum”
Sharon Fendrich - “Song of the Dove”
Juliet Lyons - “Shine”
SEAY -“Heaven’s Gate”
The Song Gardeners - “Love Flows”

Shervin Boloorian - “The Medicine Song”
Grayhawk - “Ambient Meditation”
Grayhawk - “The Banteay Srei Temple”
Ann Licater - “Ancestral Gathering”
SEAY - “Heaven’s Gate”

Mercy Ngozi Alu - “African Queen”
Patricia Bahia - “(Say Yes) World With A Little More Love”
Kimberly Haynes - “Narrow Bridge"
Inanna- “Invisible City”
Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy -“Journey of Life”
Prem Vidu -“Your Love Heals Me”

Casey Crosby - “Marlogue Wood”
FLOW -“Promise”
Shawn Gallaway - “Friends Unfold”
Joshua Moore - “Peace”
Nitanee Paris - “It Can’t Rain Forever”
Nitanee Paris - “Love Is What We’re Here For”

Patricia Bahia - “We Are All One”
Matias Bacoñsky - “Immortal”
Lia Scallon - “Light Emerging”
SEAY - “Heaven’s Gate”
Jack Paris Williams - “New Beginnings”

Bhakti House Band - “Stories (The Hero’s Journey)”
Caron Potocnik - “Song for the Earth”
Charles Ecker - “A Bright Tomorrow”
Nitanee Paris - “Love Will Find a Place to Be”
Mary Gospe - “I Choose Love”

Louis Colaiannia - “Contemplation”
Darren English - “Requiem in Peace”
Shawn Gallaway - “I Am The Love I’ve Been Looking For”
Perpetual Motion - “Por Causa de Vocé”
Prem Vidu - “Everything That Is Here”

Bhakti House Band - “Shine”
Bhakti House Band - “Roots of Revolution”
Merrill Collins - “Every Man, Woman and Child”
Anaya Kunst/Cindy Paulos -“Let Peace Be"
Cindy Paulos - “The Courage to Choose Peace”

Bhakti House Band - “Raise Your Words"
Patricia Bahia - “Every Heart One Love”
Nitanee Paris - “We Are Limitless”
Nitanee Paris - “Circle”
Nitanee Paris -“You Are Loved”
Austin Willacy (co-written w/Patricia Bahia, Caley Rose Walker) - “Man Up”

Shervin Boloorian - “Returning Back Home”
Shawn Gallaway - “Wake Up America”
Grayhawk – Queen Ofir – Andreea Petcu - “Peace Prayer”
Natalie Jean - “We Kneel”
Alexandria Paris - “Sleeping Giants”
Masa Takumi - “Heritage”

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