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Rocky Morningside Releases genre-bending single Black Hearts, Available now!

Rocky Morningside releases newest single Black Hearts. Black Hearts is a musical blend of rock and hip hop and is about the intense heartbreak.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2020 / -- Black Hearts speaks to a heart that has been hardened or hurt making them even more sensitive than a healthy thriving heart. There is also reference to all human hearts “bleeding” the same “feeling the same” relating that we all experience pain, disappointment and broken hearts. Rocky wrote Black Hearts with the heartaches and pain that he’s been through in mind. The Black Heart metaphor is used to represent the feeling that comes as a result of being burned many times by those you trust. Written in polysemy form, Black Hearts can have more than one meaning and can be applied to the listeners own emotions or circumstances.

Rocky talks about Black Hearts by saying, “Everybody has had that mark on their heart at some point and if you haven't you will. Black Hearts feel the most because they've been hurt the most or perhaps it's because they're in touch with their emotions more than those whom aren't as easily scared by heartaches, traumatic events that have left that "mark" on their heart.”

Black Hearts is a musical blend of rock and hiphop. Typical to his style, Rocky loves many genres and most enjoys mixing different types of music together.

These Eyes Cry,” Rocky’s previous single, is his spin on the classic rock band The Guess Who’s hit record “These Eyes” originally released in March 1969. This song became a breakthrough success for the group, as their first single to reach the top ten on the Billboard Pop Singles chart, peaking at number six, and would eventually be certified gold by the RIAA for sales of over one million copies.

Rocky grew up listening to classic rock with his father. Having always liked the song Rocky teamed up with friend and fellow entertainer One Touch to remake “These Eyes” with a flare. Rocky laid a HipHop beat for the foundation in collaboration with music producer Focuz Muzik. Rocky brought in guitars, bass, key’s and recorded the live instruments in his Louisiana studio, engineering and producing the project himself. Once he had it tracked, Rocky sent the project to IRKO in Los Angeles to be mixed/mastered. Rocky released “These EyesCry” at the second half of the Covid 19 stay at home order on May 1, 2020.

Black Hearts song:

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Rocky Morningside Bio
Rocky Morningside’s artistic approach is an anomaly, deviating from the standard norm of the typical musical genre. His music is not HipHop. It’s not Rock. It’s not Pop either. Rocky’s music is a little bit of all of those which headmits leaves him sort of orbiting in a space of his own. “People love me or they hate me” says the Louisiana based artist. “The people who get me stick with me. People who don’t talk mad shit which is generally amusing. I make music for me to channel emotions or to filter life’s negatives. I hope people like it but if they don’t fuck em. I will always write more music and I am always perfecting my craft so maybe I will win some of those critics over down the road as my sound matures. My music has its own identity. The freedom of self expression and the true essence of art is one’s unique individual approach to or outcome of something that they’re truly passionate about. That is the foundation from which everything I make creatively is based upon.” Morningside has spent the majority of his quarantine making music and staying fit. “An entertainer should be fit and never be lazy because it’s his or her job to entertain” he says. Fans can expect a more polished sound from Rocky Morningside in an avalanche of new music coming from him tentatively around the beginning of summer. “The new music is a lot more melody driven. I brought in guitars, bass, keys, other instruments, and really went back to my rock roots on a lot of the new material. My love for HipHop will never go away but I find it harder to resonate a message with within that genre because it has changed so much.

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