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IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation Announces the Appointment of Sanjiv Goyal as President of the Board

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In 2018, IIT Delhi was one of the first six institutes to be awarded the Institute of Eminence status.

IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation President Sanjiv Goyal succeeds Rishi Bhargava to lead the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization into the new decade.

Ultimately, this is a significant moment in the history of our organization, and I do not take this responsibility lightly.”
— Sanjiv Goyal
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 29, 2020 / -- Today, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) alumni communities around the world announced the appointment of Sanjiv Goyal as President of the Board of Directors of the IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation (IITDEF or the “Foundation”). A ceremony was held to honor the 14 years of tireless dedication and service of Rishi Bhargava, the founder of IITDEF who has served as President since the inception of the organization in 2006. Sanjiv Goyal, who joined the IITDEF board in 2020, succeeds Rishi Bhargav as the new President of the Board of Directors.

IITDEF is a nonprofit organization purposed towards serving the global IIT Delhi community, including students, faculty, alumni, and other stakeholders. Together with the IIT Delhi Alumni Association (the “Alumni Association”), the Foundation is dedicated to strengthening the links between the IIT Delhi institution and its global alumni. Charitable contributions made to the Foundation have gone on to support the education and research initiatives of IIT Delhi. Since the organization’s inception, industry leaders and alumni have come together to assist IIT Delhi in realizing its vision and place as one of the world’s leading purpose-driven research and teaching institutions. The Foundation received its status as a tax-exempt organization from the Internal Revenue Service in 2006.

“It has been a great honor to have served as President of the IITDEF Board of Directors,” said organizational founder Rishi Bhargav. “I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments over the past decade and a half. We have helped alumni across the globe through our partnership with IIT Delhi and the Alumni Association. We have built one of the most effective and cost-efficient nonprofit organizations in the world. I am confident in our future and in Sanjiv’s leadership as we continue to grow and expand our impact.”

Sanjiv Goyal brings a wealth of knowledge pertaining to nonprofit and for-profit success to the Foundation. He offers a keen sense of strategic vision that may well prove critical to the Foundation’s ability to scale and meet current growth trajectories.

Sanjiv Goyal has over 30 years of industry experience. He is an investor, serial entrepreneur, global speaker, and philanthropist. Currently, he is the Chairman of Droisys, a technology innovation company, and the Managing Partner of Adroit Global, an investment firm. He invests in innovative early-stage proprietary companies, particularly those in the technology and food industries. Sanjiv Goyal considers himself a global citizen. He strongly believes in supporting our youth and focusing his philanthropic efforts on children’s charities, such as Coral Tree Education, Ekal, Olive Crest, and many more. He also serves on the board of Pratham USA. Born in Meerut, India, Sanjiv Goyal has earned a Master’s degree in Technology from IIT Delhi.

“I am deeply honored to have been appointed as President of the IITDEF,'' said Goyal. “IITDEF is uniquely qualified to help bring about IIT Delhi’s mission to foster innovation and help future generations. As we grow and mature in life, I believe that we increasingly come face-to-face with the responsibilities of serving as custodians for the next generation. Education is the only way to truly grow and inculcate harmony in society. I am here, and honored, to serve my alma mater. I look forward to leveraging our strategic network of alumni, foundations, international nonprofits, and other groups and stakeholders who, along with our Board, stand united in our shared desire to improve education and foster innovation. Ultimately, this is a significant moment in the history of our organization, and I do not take this responsibility lightly. I am deeply grateful to Rishi Bhargav for his vision, dedication, and passion, all of which has led to the creation of one of the most impactful nonprofits.”

Sanjiv Goyal also provided, “I look forward to working closely with our inspirational founder Rishi Bhargav, our passionate Board of Directors—Sandeep Tyagi, Arogyaswami Paulraj, Rakesh Kaul, Om Sharma, and Naren Gupta—and our dedicated IIT Delhi Director, Alumni Dean, and Alumni President.”

Please make a charitable contribution today. Generous contributions in the form of donations, bequests, gifts, and grants help the Foundation achieve its mission and will directly result in additional funding for research and education initiatives, the purchase of necessary technologies to address new needs due to the COVID-19 crisis and shelter-in-place, as well as scholarships, fellowships, and endowments for IIT Delhi to support not only its current students but also an even brighter future that is still to come.

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