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Schaffer's Investment Research Offers Top Tips on Stock Trading During Coronavirus

Schaffer's Investment Research Offers Top Tips on Stock Trading During Coronavirus

CINCINNATI , OHIO, USA, July 27, 2020 / -- Unfortunately, it’s no secret that the state of the economy is currently more than a little volatile. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the economy and sowed uncertainty and dissension that has rocked markets all over the world. But the folks at Schaeffer's Investment Research believe that volatility in the stock market doesn’t have to mean disaster for your trading portfolio. In fact, if you stay calm and follow some simple tactics, you will come out of the pandemic with your portfolio even better off than before.

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Advises Schaeffer’s Investment Research

Historically, when the market crashes traders get scared off and take their money out of the market. It’s natural to want to wait and see what will happen before you expose yourself to any additional risk. But the financial advisors at Schaeffer's Investment Research advise that, if you have the capital and the willingness to see opportunity when it presents itself, this is the perfect time to dive deeper into the market, while everyone else is looking away.

While stocks and options are extremely attractively priced right now, a strict trading plan and money management principles are still critical to your success, advises the investment research company. No matter what is going on in the market - up, down, sideways, choppy - there is always an opportunity for significant profit by utilizing options, according to Schaeffer's Investment Research analysts.

But now is not the time to just follow the crowd and take positions that "make sense" to the masses warns Schaeffer's Investment Research. At Schaeffer's, regardless of the current market climate, we adhere strictly to the approach of contrarian investing. This means, in the simplest terms, that the crowd is always wrong. By the time that 'everyone' believes the market is never going to stop going up, it will unavoidably go down. Same with the group-think that the market is going to crash... in that case, the market will unavoidably bounce back. Never follow what everyone else is doing, no matter how glamorous it looks.

Take Your Options (Literally) Into Consideration Says Schaeffer's Investment Research

Schaeffer's Investment Research strongly encourage diversification in every single trading portfolio, no matter how aggressive or conservative that trader may be. By incorporating options trading into your portfolio, you can be positioned to welcome (and not fear) volatile markets and/or market crashes. With options, you can be positioned for profit regardless of whether the market goes up, down, sideways, or just chops around. When incorporating options into your trading portfolio, it is important that you incorporate this asset with a diversified approach. Don't just add short-term aggressive options buying... throw in some straddles, some pairs trading, or some options selling. If you are only comfortable with buying options, diversify your holding periods and your trade drivers.

A good rule of thumb is to be sure all of your eggs are not in one basket when it comes to the stock market (and most things in life) say representatives of Schaeffer's Investment Research. If you are nearing retirement, and you need that retirement income for day to day life, avoid risking it in the stock market. However, the team at Schaeffer's Investment Research strongly encourages traders of all ages to take advantage of the opportunities provided in options trading for rapid portfolio growth, with 100% defined risk.

Schaeffer's Investment Research was founded in 1981 by Bernie Schaeffer - the creator of Expectational AnalysisⓇ. Over the past four decades, Schaeffer's Investment Research has developed a reputation for leadership in the options industry, remarkable trading performance, and their innovative approach to the market. The entire Schaeffer’s team is dedicated to the satisfaction and complete support of their subscribers in every market environment, no matter what happens.

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