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To Help People When Life is Really Hard, Dr. Robert Puff Releases Bending with the Hurricanes of Life Podcast Episode

Hurricanes of life

Happiness Podcast

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.

Happiness Podcast Hosted by Bestselling Author & Psychology Today Columnist, Episode #284

Accept what is, love what is,”
— Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.
NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, July 24, 2020 / -- The Happiness Podcast releases its “Bending with the Hurricanes of Life” episode, which offers an approach to life’s hurricanes whether they be job loss, divorce, or financial woes among other stormy challenges. Host Dr. Robert Puff discusses bending versus breaking in episode #284 and offers a way for people who are experiencing challenges to benefit.

“Accept what is, love what is,” Dr. Puff likes to say, which fits perfectly with the “Bending with the Hurricanes of Life” podcast episode. Dr. Puff hopes this episode along with the Happiness Podcast in general helps people live better lives.

Sometimes life sends us psychological hurricanes, like death, illness, divorce, or job loss. How do we navigate these storms so that we bend instead of break under their winds? Come and explore beautiful ways to survive these hurricanes of life.

Features of the “Bending with the Hurricanes of Life” episode include:

• Accepting we can’t stop the winds of a hurricane; it is out of our control
• Realizing if we bend to the winds, we can stand up straight again once the hurricane passes, enjoying the ensuing peace and sunshine
• Asking how we can turn the hurricane into something beautiful in the moment, even in the middle of a hurricane; you don’t have to wait for the hurricane to pass to be happy

The “Bending with the Hurricanes of Life” episode is now available where you get your podcasts. For more information on the Happiness Podcast, visit

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