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Future Music Mogul Brandon Carter Ceo of Megatron Muzik LLC gets Gold Record for Billboard record Buss it Down

Ceo of Megatron Muzik LLC Brandon Carter Acquires a Gold record for Buss it Down By Iamkeynotes feat Dababy and Petey Pablo which had also hit Billboard Charts.

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2020 / -- It's only been 5 years since Megatron Muzik has incorporated. However, the feats company has achieved in such a small time frame is something to reckon with. Since 2015, Megatron Muzik has worked with several music greats and chart-topping artists such as Chris Brown, Neyo, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Nikki Minaj. Several platinum producers such as London on Da Track, Trackstars, 808 Mafia, and Zaytoven noticed the company's vision and goals to serve the society & expressed their desire of working with Megatron Muzik LLC.

Signing several ‘one of its kinds'

It's said "We desire to work with people who are like us". This is the reason why several big names of the industry such as Empire Music Distribution owners, Big Bert, and Ghazi, saw the potential in Mr. Carter and extended their hand to partner with Megatron Muzik. In fact, Megatron Muzik is the first management company to ink a deal with powerhouse Empire Music Distribution.The able leadership of Mr. Carter as a CEO has made it possible. However, he denies it and gives credit to his wonderful team of like-minded people at Megatron Muzik.

Humble Beginning of Mr. Carter: How it all started

Mr. Carter had recognized his love of music several years back. He had no mentor or godfather in the industry but he saw it as an opportunity. He knew he would have to start from scratch and he was excited about it. Jive Records and Warner Music provided him his first break where started working as an unpaid intern. Mr. Carter remembers his struggle days fondly. He believes struggles are a must in a human's life, for they motivate a person to reach great heights.

Mr. Carter gained practical knowledge of the music industry while working as an intern. However, his desire to gain theoretical knowledge made him pursue Bachelors in Music Business and Masters in Entertainment Business respectively from Full Sail University.

In the course of 15 years, Mr. Carter worked in different departments of record labels and big names of the industry such as Warner Music Group, BMG Publishing,RCA Universal Music Group, Cash Money Records, Grand Hustle Records, among others. He held important positions in the industry but little did he know, the knowledge he was amassing would help him in starting his successful venture, Megatron Muzik, LLC.

There's No Stopping Now

Having seen massive wealth and success in his life, Mr. Carter says the only thing that motivates him is the success of other people. He has an eye for talent and appreciates people who strive to be different. His company Megatron Muzik focuses on carving a career for newcomers by working closely with them. Megatron Muzik LLC develops both practical and creative marketing strategies to chart the development of artists. Recently Megatron Muzik LLC got the ability to function as a record label as well.

Now, Mr. Carter has set his eyes on his new goal: to help indie/major artists reach new heights in their careers. And this desire to serve the society is something that separates Megatron Muzik from other management companies.

Mr. Carter has now secured his first Gold Record with Iamkeynotes with billboard charting hit “buss it down” which featured Dababy and Petey Pablo. Ceo Brandon Carter and Megatron Muzik LLC has caught the eyes of Radio Mogul Miss Chocolate and the Legendary Mr. Charles Geer. Linking up with these 2 legendary industry vets has taken Megatron Muzik to new heights.

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