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Next Level Trucking Announces Program to help investors enter America's most needed industry during these trying times

Next level trucking

Next level trucking

By tapping into the lucrative trucking business, Next Level Trucking Program provides clients with a chance to make big bucks without substantial risk.

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, USA, July 28, 2020 / -- Are you interested in starting your own trucking business? Do you want to make a financial investment that will yield a 160% profit in the first year? If so, the Next Level Trucking Program is the right place for you. The time is now for you to start investing in your own future.

The Next Level Trucking Program is aimed at helping you invest in yourself and attaining success in the trucking industry as a business owner. The program is designed to help a variety of people succeed, whether your ambition is to become a Fleet Owner or an Owner Operator.

Jay Whitley, the CEO of Next Level Trucking, has always believed in encouraging the success of other people. This desire to help others has translated into over $500 million in successful projects and funding. He has become legendary in company turnaround and rebuild, and his expertise lies at the heart of the company. His success has the potential to become yours.

Why the trucking industry?

The trucking industry is one of the most in-demand small business roles in the U.S. economy today. All purchased goods have to make its way from the manufacturer to you, and of all modes of transportation, trucking is by far the most significant.

According to sources, a staggering 80% of all cargo in America is transported by the trucking industry, four times as much as by air (8%), pipeline (6%), rail (4%), and water (2%) combined.
The trucking industry is the backbones of the U.S. economy and starting a trucking company today guarantees a long-term steady flow of income.

What does the Next Level Trucking Program offer?

NLTP is a turn-key Semi-Truck program that will allow you to make $6,000 per month without getting out of bed.

The Next Level Trucking Program is designed to have your truck(s) on the road within 90 days, and, depending on your specific needs, this includes the organization of your business, financing, purchasing a Semi-Truck, hiring drivers, signing contracts, and invoicing your first deliveries. With astonishing speed, you are guaranteed to see a profit within 90 days of your truck hitting the road.

Through this program, NLT can help you from the purchasing of the Semi-Truck to repairs, parts, equipment, insurance, regulatory fees, and much more.

What are the specific benefits to the client?

Advantageously, you are not required to have experience in the trucking industry, possess a CDL license or be an Owner Operator and as such you have no need to personally comply with State and Federal Regulatory Laws. Next Level Trucking Program carriers offer a bumper-to-bumper warranty on your semi-truck and establish a maintenance escrow. Through this program, you can invest in trucking with a lower start up cost, have little to no liability, have a dedicated team of professionals to guide you through the process, enjoy the benefit of contracts with major carriers that grant you access to operate under their authority, collateral based investment and enjoy peace of mind while your truck is on the road.

The Next Level Trucking Program has strategically partnered with people and businesses who have years of experience in the trucking industry. These partners have industry forecasting abilities and vital resources that equate to discounts on repairs, higher premiums on freight and long-term contracts. They can help you to effortlessly invest in the trucking business and earn more. Next Level Trucking Program will skyrocket your success faster than trying to build your business alone.

What sets Next Level Trucking Program apart?

Next Level Trucking Program Inc. is composed of an array of professionals with years of experience in business development, marketing, sales, and financing. Next Level Trucking Program has a diverse team which allows the company to offer clients the broadest possible range of expertise and guidance. They have a unique ability to relate to clients because of their previous work experience in Real Estate and Corporate America. They have learned to effectively translate this experience into results for their clients.

How do I grab hold of this unique opportunity?

Collectively, the associates and partners at Next Level Trucking Program Inc. have helped 100s of businesses across the world make effective and sustainable changes to their organizations.

For more information on how to benefit from their expertise, visit, send us an email or call us.

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