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Minnesota Actor Joe Keith Weighs in on Theater Event Promotion

Joe Keith, St. Paul Minnesota

Joe Keith, St. Paul Minnesota

Joe Keith of St. Paul, Minnesota explains how to maximize your exposure when organizing a theatre event.

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2020 / -- It is one thing to create an amazing show with everything from talented performers and crew to exciting staging. It is another thing to promote that ‘must-see’ show with great production values for your prospective audience to hear about it and attend your show.

“This promotion means more work since all the effort put into the creation of the show won’t mean much if you don’t tell the world about it and get people to attend,” says Minnesota actor, Joe Keith.

However, with commitment, promoting your show can be done successfully even on a small budget. There are some methods that have proven effective in theater event promotion which you may find useful. These strategies, suggested by Joe Keith, will help you in obtaining the publicity you need to promote your show.

Joe Keith explains one of the many ways to promote your theater event on a small budget is through news interviews and press releases. To use this strategy, you need to build an inclusive media list of people who you want to receive your news and write about them. Every vital media contact such as arts and events bloggers, magazines, local and regional newspapers, weeklies, radio stations, and TV stations should be on your list. You can use these contacts to promote your event by writing and sending dynamic press releases promoting your show along with all the important details.

Also, creating a buzz about your show on social media can get you the publicity your show needs. Adding a small video of the performers introducing themselves, or a trailer of your show to your Instagram and Facebook story can help. Consider picking a memorable hashtag for your show. Use this hashtag when tweeting or posting on Instagram, and encourage your audience to use it too. You may also want to offer discounted tickets, freebies, or roll out contests on social media platforms to promote your show.

Another strategy is Q & A. Consider taking your production team to the park or any other public place. Spend some time to talk about your show and why it is cool. You can entertain questions from the audience and in this way, get them interested enough to attend your show.

Word of mouth is also a very popular referral source, especially for theater events. In addition to being an incredibly easy promotional method, word of mouth is very effective in increasing awareness and ticket sales. You can encourage everyone to attend your show and to bring a friend. The outcome is pretty obvious; your ticket sales would double! You and your team can utilize the effectiveness of word of mouth to encourage everyone in your team to bring family and friends who you think would be interested in your show.

“Your show deserves to be seen, so you need to utilize these strategies to get it out there. There are many strategies that may prove effective in your theater event promotion, but these can help you achieve significant publicity on a smaller budget.” Joe Keith Stated.

About Joe Keith

Joe Keith is an accomplished software designer and theater actor. He is the business development manager at SJ Computers, a major force behind the growing success of the company for years now.

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