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Epinoia Aeon Federation is the five global corporations who joined forces to push worldwide environmental policies

Epinoia Aeon Federation

Krystal Infinity, the apparatus for water delivery to customers and bottles sterilizer on the back.

URAN-Tia recycling collector, plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, fabric. The collectors equipment with sectors.

Epinoia Aeon federation consists of five global corporations joint forces to push worldwide policies and tackling toxic water.

Unbiased and based off pure evidence, we solely state the facts. The truth doesn’t propaganda. Our plan is not to attack or make anyone at fault, but rather to educate nations and provide solutions.”
— The Architect Of EAF LaRdas QU Asmaat
NEW YORK, WORLDWIDE, June 30, 2020 / -- EAF is a federation consisting of five global corporations that look to educate the world on green matters and rid the world of many unnecessary practices that are still common today. EAF has visions of changing the malicious system and replacing current harmful habits with ones that are built with the world’s interest at their foundation.

The Many Missions Of EAF (eliminating third-party companies)

The mission at EAF is to produce and support eco-friendly products while lowering prices by eliminating third-party companies, like packaging and transportation. Third-party expenses are included in the total price of the product, resulting in the customer covering these costs. By eliminating third-parties, the price of the product drops significantly.

EAF Wants To Change How We Deliver Water!

The current system for delivering drinkable water is old and requires the integration of a new innovative system, which the people of EAF have created. Krystal Grid Water Complex is a new system for distributing water and all other beverages. There are many products on their website that shows that we can produce and deliver water in a more eco-conscious manner. In many countries around the world, drinking tap water is not considered a safe option so many are reduced to buying bottled water as there are no viable alternatives.

What Does EAF Stand For?

The United World Nation (UWN) actively promotes global naturalistic lifestyles by pushing environmental agendas for civilians through our projects. Nature nourishes the human body with natural alkaline food and spring water, keeping human cells in a perfect, pristine balance and ensuring good health. Decades of ailing health across the world should be an indication that the human body cannot be nourished with our current “normal”, which is water from plastic bottles and food from corporate farms.

The UWN also raises spiritual awareness by refocusing the ideologies of populations and shifting the life experience from that of consumerists to naturalistic individuals - a new standard of morals and ethics globally established by the UWN. We strive to educate populations on waste recycling and reusing materials first by sanitizing bottles rather than treating them as disposables.

The Sterilization System is set to influence civilians into reusing bottles through the sterilization process, or to recycle products for the manufacturing of new eco-friendly products. We remove the need to reconstruct bottles since we can simply sterilize them in the Krystal Infinity apparatus.

Together, we can stop the accumulation of global waste as one united community in the circle of UWN. Together, we can collect the waste from all the lands and waters of Mother Earth and convert toxic waste into clean energy. This is an achievable task for UWN, as long as we are united as one.

Epinoia Aeon Federation is gathering together all honorable, and benevolent world leaders to solve the Earth’s problems without war. They invite environmentalists to invest in Eco investment Projects to correct mistakes that have been made worldwide. They look to radically change the way we consume goods in a capitalist world and have the core value of humanitarianism in everything they do. If more people were aware of the process of killing animals when processing meat or understood that there were alternative ways to distribute water, I’m sure many people will soon look to organizations such as EAF to help support their fight in making the world a better place to live.

Let's take more control today and fight against corrupt, populist politicians who continue to do nothing about the global crisis we are all experiencing. This is the greatest threat we have as a species, and we have the tools to act now.

How Can I Support EAF?
You can get in contact with them on their website. There you will be able to learn more about the initiatives they are working on, as well as more detailed information regarding aspects I have briefly addressed in this article. They are a brilliant organization and if successful with their long term vision, the planet will be better! Please check out their website today and learn more about their philosophy and how they plan to change the world for the better.
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