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Kevin David Scam: Explaining the Mystery of the $70 Hoodie That’s All Over Facebook

Kevin David Scam

Buying & selling online can be a great way to make money & get things you want & need. But as Kevin David Scam notes, you have to be careful with some people.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2020 / -- Buying and selling online can be a lucrative way to either get some good money or get some good items. For buyers, when you see a good deal or see a seller who appears trustworthy, it can be difficult to resist if it is an item you want. However, this is not always the case. Typically, if things seem too good to be true, it's best to assume it is. Kevin David Scam explains how one Facebook user learned that the hard way, with a $70 hoodie that was not at all as advertised.

Kevin David Scam Explains the 70 Dollar Hoodie, and Why You Must be Mindful of Scams

Odds are, Kevin David Scam explains, we have all been affected by a scam from one time or another. Sometimes, a scam can be so well-crafted that the victim has no idea that they were affected at all. Honestly, a good scammer is able to make it seem like there's nothing wrong with it at all, so you should always be on your guard. In one such case, a Facebook user was not so lucky. The 70 dollar hoodie being discussed was being sold over the website Affinity Find and was advertised on Facebook as a “heavyweight cotton” hoodie, Kevin David Scam notes. Notably, it was the “softest interior” the website allegedly had made. This store advertises itself as having a distinctly American location, but ordering from it, as the buyer discovered, results in the product being shipped from China, taking weeks to arrive, Kevin David Scam points out.

Kevin David Scam explains that when the item actually arrived, it was “pungent,” smelling of gasoline, and certainly not coming anywhere close to matching the description that the website featured. Now, any buyer is going to be terribly disappointed that they got a veritable lemon of a hoodie, Kevin David Scam notes, but perhaps the biggest kicker is that you can buy this very same hoodie from the Chinese website AliExpress for only $20. It is still not a good hoodie, but it is certainly concerning to see such inexplicable markup for this item. The company has received quite a lot of lumps, holding an F on the Better Business Bureau due to customer complaints about delivery, products, service, and advertising. However, Affinity Find is not the only company accused of this kind of behavior — another is the company Sugar Picks — so keep a watchful eye out, and make sure you know who you're buying from, Kevin David Scam recommends. It will save you a lot of money and headaches.

One of the things that most strongly hurts people is a lack of mindfulness when it comes to their money. This has to do with both how it is spent and how it is saved. Impulse buying, for instance, is not only something that often involves buyer's remorse, but it also makes it harder to tell if what you are getting into is legitimate or not. A good degree of self-control and forward-thinking helps a lot when it comes to avoiding being scammed. As Kevin David Scam notes in this video, it ties into the difficulty that people face with pushing themselves forward. There's nothing wrong with struggling, healing, and needing help, but if you are just dead weight to those trying to help you, you are never going to get anywhere. Managing your funds better, giving yourself time between wanting to purchase something, and actually putting the money towards it, these are of the utmost importance to shopping online and in general.

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