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New feature, namely career and interview coaching, as well as career consulting. All job seekers can now get a career coach at affordable pricing policies.

AUSTRALIA, June 25, 2020 / -- CraftResumes is one of the leading services aimed to help all the job seekers to seek employment. By offering CV, Resume, LinkedIn editing services, the company actively seeks to enlarge its pool of options. One of the recent additions, affordable career coaching and consulting, is a fresh addition to assist people with taking their career to the next level.

As opposed to the trend of focusing merely on CV and Resume editing, CraftResumes moves into the direction of assisting job seekers with all the possible aspects of their employment. The introduction of career coaching and consulting services is one of the fresh releases that is capable of:

●Critically assessing the client’s situation
●Providing unbiased and compassionate feedback
●Analyzing one’s career accomplishments
●Learning how to emphasize the client’s achievements
●Drafting up the milestones to assist in accomplishing one’s career goals

The company has timely recognized that most job seekers might have an already edited CV or Resume, alongside a polished LinkedIn profile but still struggling to land a job position of their dreams. Considering how fierce competition in the labor market might be, releases a well-anticipated service that will certainly help thousands of job seekers.

Having analyzed the current offers in its niche, the company decided to personalize its services by adding career coaching options at affordable prices. The advantages of personalizing and outlining both the short-term and long-term goals have already helped hundreds of applicants across the globe.
Using this new feature is relatively simple and straightforward. Those willing to order a career coaching service have to book a coach, schedule an appointment, and start their journey of self-reflection and improvement. A typical coaching session includes a resume review, a 30-minute Q&A session with a complete focus on a job search strategy, and compliance with a follow-up strategy plan.

Since such a session involves no editing, but rather a clear outlining of goals and objectives to be accomplished, it assists job seekers on a completely different level. It is important to imply that clearly mentions what this service CAN’T do for customers. It will not look for a job for the client, nor promise immediate results. With that being said, a company fully recognizes that career coaching is one of the services it offers that will find its customers struggling with a job search.

Any career coaching session will also include a follow-up strategy, which serves as a draft of milestones that are to be accomplished. With such a detailed and comprehensive approach, deserves a try for those who are looking for more than a CV and Resume editing option.
That said, every job seeker can now get a professional career coaching at affordable rates, alongside browsing through dozens of coach profiles. Either through ordering a full pack of editing or just a career coaching session, the company will be happy to assist or even wholly fix one’s career issues. Those who find a career coaching to be an exceptional service worthy of trying out can always contact CraftResumes hotline 1-888-385-3312. Or just contact the company’s customer support that works around-the-clock.

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