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Reichen Kuhl Generously Donates to Causes Seeking End of Chinese Wet Markets

Reichen Kuhl

Reichen Kuhl

PLAYA DEL REY, CA, USA, June 5, 2020 / -- Entrepreneur and attorney member of the State Bar of California Reichen Kuhl pledges support for efforts to end China's cruel and unsanitary live-animal meat trade amid COVID-19.

A nine-year U.S. Air Force veteran and a graduate of the Air Force Academy, Reichen Kuhl is today a lawyer and highly successful entrepreneur, a flight instructor, published author, and an attorney member of the State Bar of California. Amid the ongoing global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Kuhl, like millions of others around the world, is now calling for the end of so-called Chinese wet markets.

"I've already pledged my support for a number of great causes seeking to put an end to highly cruel and disease-ridden wet markets in China," reveals Kuhl.

The proud guardian of two rescue dogs—Skeeter and Chance—self-styled skiing, boating, and animal-loving ex-military pilot, vegan, author, lawyer, and CEO Reichen Kuhl is an avid supporter of PETA. Led by animal welfarist Ingrid Newkirk and based in Norfolk, Virginia, PETA—or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—is the world's largest animal rights organization, according to Kuhl. "PETA exposes animal suffering," he explains, "in the food industry, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, and more."

With PETA as his guide, Reichen is also now calling for an end to cruel and unsanitary wet markets. So-called wet markets are live-animal meat markets, common in China, that breed countless deadly diseases, according to Kuhl. "Prior to the outbreak of the ongoing global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many people remained unaware of China's wet markets or the true extent of the live-animal meat market there," suggests the entrepreneur.

Now, however, and with a Chinese wet market in the Hubei province of Wuhan understood to be the origin of COVID-19, global awareness is prompting change, Kuhl says. "Cruelly packing together stressed, injured, and sick caged animals in public areas, wet markets are perfect breeding grounds for all manner of awful diseases, including coronavirus, swine flu, avian flu, SARS, Ebola, and more," reveals Kuhl, “all while subjecting innocent animals to unspeakable fear, pain, and other forms of cruelty at the hands of humans”

All imaginable varieties of wild, farmed, and domesticated animals alike are reportedly trapped, he says, in stacked cages, soaked in excrement, blood, and pus. "While completely abhorrent, first and foremost, this, of course," adds Kuhl, "also promotes the uncontrolled spread of viruses and diseases from animal-to-animal, as well as from animals to humans."

It's with this firmly in mind that Reichen Kuhl has pledged to generously donate to causes seeking to put an end to Chinese wet markets. "Live-animal meat markets are not only putting the human population at risk," says the animal-lover, "but they're also condemning countless millions of living creatures to an utterly inhumane, miserable death, which is both unnecessary and completely uncalled for."

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