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Anonymous Hollywood Insider Pens Raw, Unflinchingly Honest Memoir Examining Sexuality and Spirituality in the Modern Age

‘A Player’s Tale’ by a Young Don Juan celebrates the role of sex in furthering human connection, increasing vulnerability and revealing the spiritual self

/EIN News/ -- LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Even in a culture saturated with stories and depictions of sex and love, honest narratives around sexual expression and desire are difficult to come by. Rather than subscribing to the constrictive thought that there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to discuss these topics, author A Young Don Juan plunges into the raw, gritty details of his own exploits and how they’ve contributed to a better understanding of self in his new memoir, “A Player’s Tale: Of Lust, Loss and Love on the 8th Continent.”

“A Player’s Tale” explores the author’s precarious relationship with love and sex throughout his transition from adolescence to adulthood. He recounts his formative relationships with women and the insecurity and rejection he faced, attributing those moments to a driving desire for intimacy in later encounters. As he delves into each experience, casual or serious, he takes stock of the mistakes he made, the lessons he learned and the growth that came from searching for love in all the wrong ways and places.

“Over the years, I have kept a diary of my sexual experiences as a way of tracking my psyche,” said A Young Don Juan. “I find that my relationships with women give me wonderful insights into who I have been, and in writing this book, I believe that I can help give insights for others who are navigating these same issues of lust, love, relationships, cheating and endless desires in a post-modern, social media driven world.”

A Young Don Juan explores how staying true to his sexual desire and partaking in various adventures including chakra openings, ayahuasca trips and group rendezvous allowed him to fully uncover his soul’s deeper longing to be loved and accepted. Leaning into the label of ‘player,’ he demonstrates the universality of his desires and how free sexual expression is key to self-discovery and self-love. Ultimately, through his book, he hopes to facilitate more candid conversations around sex and intimacy and inspire others to embrace their desires rather than fear and repress them.

“I want men to know they are not alone in their feelings and wants, and I want women to better understand men by reading this book,” said the author. “Ultimately, I want the reader to be able to read this book and say, ‘I’ve had these experiences. I know these thoughts. This character is me.’”

“A provocative and entrancing autobiography that’s both titillating and authentic,” wrote Kirkus Reviews.

“A Player’s Tale: Of Lust, Loss and Love on the 8th Continent”

By A Young Don Juan

ISBN: 9781532085468 (softcover); 9781532085482 (hardcover); 9781532085475 (electronic)

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the author

Born of a Hollywood dynasty and having worked in the realms of filmmaking and entertainment, Young Don Juan would like to remain anonymous, to be as honest as possible. Ultimately, his story should be perceived as universal rather than personal. To learn more, visit

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