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Dmitry Piterman Unveils the Newly Curated Salvador Dali Aliyah Suite

Donated by the Piterman family, the largest private collections of Salvador Dali features 580 works of lithographs, etchings, sculptures, and tapestries.

PEBBLE BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2020 / -- Dmitry Piterman is proud to announce the opening of the newly curated Salvador Dali Aliyah suite. Dating back to 1968, the collection was meant to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel.

In 1966, Salvador Dali was commissioned by Samuel Shore, the head of Shorewood Publishers in New York, to produce 25 mixed media paintings in an epic portrayal of the Jewish people and the return to their homeland. After dedicating several years to the project, he finished just in time for the Israeli Independence Day celebration. The paintings were eventually reproduced as 250 lithographs and published in limited edition sets of 25.

Expressed in water colors, gouache, and India ink, Dali illustrates the various meanings of the Hebrew word "aliyah" which translates to "migration to the land of Israel". Drawing inspiration from the Old Testament, the series addresses a wide range of subject matter related to Jewish diaspora that spans the course of 2,000 years.

"The pieces tell an incredible story, and the images are an epic representation of both history and justice" states Dmitry Piterman. "Salvador is able to capture the struggle of an entire nation through his art."

As a master of surrealism, Dali is one of the many artists in the 20th century, who attempted to revolutionize the way we experience art. Dmitry is proud to unveil the beautiful collection for public view as the pieces reflect the spirit of the Jewish people, and highlights their dramatic journey to independence.

About Dmitry Piterman

Dmitry Piterman is a Ukrainian-American businessman currently residing in Pebble Beach, California, with his wife Rebecca. In 2016 he and his wife established an exhibition of Salvador Dali work, located on Old Fisherman's Wharf. Their mission is to revive Dali's local history by showcasing some of his unique pieces that tie him to the Monterey region.

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