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Andy Splichal, Best of Los Angeles Award-Winning Author, Releases New Online Marketing Book At A Reduced Price Of $1.99

Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping: Revealing Profits & Strategies

Andy Splichal, Best of Los Angeles Award-Winning Author

For Two Weeks Only, Purchase Low-Cost Kindle Version To Discover Strategies and Best-Practices For Advertising e-commerce Products Online Using Google Shopping

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, May 19, 2020 / -- During these unprecedented times, many folks have turned to self-help and guidebooks. Books on social, emotional, and wellness have skyrocketed to new heights. But if we are looking for a business lesson that this crisis can teach us, it should be the power of advertising online.

Right now as many companies start to return their advertising to normal, although with tighter marketing budgets in place, it has become even more critical for e-commerce businesses to implement the most effective strategies for optimizing their online marketing.

Best of Los Angeles Award winner for “Best Advertising Guide Book – 2020 – ” Andy Splichal, has just released, Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping: Revealing Profits & Strategies. Now through 6/4, this book is available for the substantially discounted price of $1.99 exclusive to Kindle customers on Amazon.

The book will be of enormous benefit to e-commerce advertisers either running their own Google Shopping campaigns or those wanting to discover whether the company that manages their online advertising are following best-practices. The focus of this book is knowledge when it comes to being successful using Google Shopping to advertise e-commerce products.

Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping: Revealing Profits & Strategies details step-by-step how to be successful using Google Shopping. From setting up a Merchant Center Account to optimizing PLA ads inside the Google interface to advance techniques such as using supplemental feeds, positive keywords, and more. Andy recognizes that for a lot of people, these are financially tough times. But the influence of information is one that goes beyond advantages of all kinds. Andy states, “I plan to offer the Kindle version for just $1 for 2 weeks, then the book will go to its normal price of $24.95”. Packed with strategies and step-by-step instructions, Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping delivers the knowledge needed for those wanting to properly set up, optimize, and profit using Google Shopping to advertise for years to come.

“When done well, Google Shopping provides e-commerce retailers with the most profitable marketing channel available today”, says Andy. However, “Advertising with Google Shopping has many moving parts including creating and uploading products to Google Merchant Center, managing products inside the Google Ads interface, and optimizing your account results based on historical data. The complexity of Google Shopping creates many poorly managed and underperforming accounts leaving vast opportunities for those that can create well-run and optimized Google Shopping campaigns.”

If you are pressed for time, Andy recommends to start reading the chapter that details where you currently need help in your account.

Here are the 5 Main Sections:

1. Laying The Groundwork – Here Google Shopping is explained including the history, what it has now become and what it looks like.

2. Optimizing Google Merchant Center – Properly optimizing Merchant Center with complete data is essential for success using Google Shopping campaigns. This section focuses on the importance of Merchant Center as well as best-practices and common techniques for creating a fully optimized Merchant Center account.

3. Optimizations Inside Google Ads – This section covers in detail the strategies and best-practices for optimizing Shopping campaigns inside the Google Ads interface. Discover how to best optimize your campaigns using historical data to predict future success in relations to keywords, adjusting product bids, adjusting mobile bids, adjusting location bids and more.

4. Automating Google – The fourth section goes into detail on automated features of Google Shopping including the new Google Smart Shopping campaigns, different automated bid strategies and merchant participating in Google Shopping Actions.

5. Advanced Techniques – Written for those wishing to dive even deeper into Google Shopping, this section looks at advanced techniques such as using the Google Ads editor, using supplemental feeds and using positive keywords to control search terms.

If you’re wondering, “Won’t This Book Become Outdated?” The short answer according to Andy is, “YES.” In the five years since Andy published his first book, Make Each Click Count – T.O.P. Guide To Success Using Google Ads”, Google interface has changed multiple times. Some of the terminology has changed. However, Andy states that “the strategies and underlying fundamentals for my original book have not changed. Likewise, with this book, I can promise with absolute certainty that in a year or less (maybe even by the time this book is published) some of the Google Ads interface will have changed. That is just the nature of Google AdWords (excuse me, I meant to say Google Ads).”

What won’t change are the advanced strategies on how to segment your account and how to use the historical data to optimize your account to predict future success. Make a small investment of $1 for intellect to last a lifetime.

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Andy Splichal is the founder of True Online Presence, the founder of The Academy of Internet Marketing, author and certified online marketing strategist with twenty plus years of experience helping companies increase their online presence and profitable revenues.

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