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CMDX, Binance and Akon Aims to Fill the Financial Void across Africa

CMDX offers UBDI

UBDI is the Future


Are you ready to cash in on your data

Universal Basic Income for CMDX

UBI or UBDI that is the Question

Leveraging Wearable Tech and Health Data, CMDX puts its Universal Basic Data Income model to good use to give people in developing nations an economic boost

Cryptocurrency is seeing an exciting rise in many African nations. We are giving community members in these nations innovative ways to earn money through living a healthy lifestyle”
— Thomas McMurrain - CEO CMDX
ROSEAU, DM, DOMINICA, May 18, 2020 / -- With interest in cryptocurrency as an economic tool gaining steam across Africa, many industry experts are keeping a close watch on the continent as the predictor of the future of money. And this interest isn’t just coming from those deeply entrenched in the industry. Even Senegalese-American hip-hop artist Akon is watching the situation closely, looking to launch a token project in Africa.

Along with Akon and cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, CMDX is also keeping their eye on African interest and potential in the crypto market. Additionally, CMDX is looking for ways to intersect with African community members to bring a new level of economic prosperity to countries that have experienced great economic depression.

CMDX is a global community dedicated to generating wealth by rewarding its members for engaging in healthy lifestyle and business-related activities. As the brand grows, it has also sought out ways to increase earning opportunities for its members. Recent initiatives to boost members’ earning potential include the brand’s partnership with Human API to link more fitness trackers to their platform, resulting in more earning opportunities for physical activity, and the launch of its token on the crypto platform Lukki.

CMDX leverages the power of Universal Basic Data Income (UBDI) to reward its members. UBDI is an economic model where users earn income by sharing their data. In CMDX’s case, users share their health data through their wearable fitness trackers, completing their HealthStyle Profile with Brittany and A.I. powered digital avatar and for engaging in other educational and business-related activities on the CMDX platform. After sharing this data, users are rewarded for it with CMDX cryptocurrency rewards. And as CEO Tom McMurrain sees it, this model provides exciting opportunities for the African continent.

Currently, CMDX’s members enjoy an added income stream of $25 to $550 per month for engaging in activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, or even sleeping. As CMDX grows and offers expanded business opportunities on its platform and as its crypto token takes off, McMurrain sees the earning potential skyrocketing.

With this innovative earning model already in place, CMDX provides compelling opportunities for the developing world, where options for earning an income may be limited.

Tens of Thousands of citizens across Africa are already leveraging the power of CMDX to increase their monthly cash flow and improve their economic standing, in addition to their health. The platform encourages them to engage in healthy living activities and rewards them for it. With their rewards, community members can then cash them in for a wide range of services, including supplements and medical services and advice that may not be available to them in their local communities. And with the CMDX token gaining traction on crypto exchanges, CMDX’s model gives African citizens expanded opportunities to engage in both crypto speculation and international trade while boosting their buying power.

CMDX’s platform gives community members across Africa and other developing nations an easy entryway into the world of crypto, opening the doors for many exciting possibilities, notes McMurrain.

“Cryptocurrency is seeing an exciting rise in popularity across many African nations,” said McMurrain. “Not only are we giving community members in these nations innovative ways to earn money through living a healthy lifestyle, but we’re breaking down the barriers of income inequality and giving those in developing nations access to new healthcare options through our platform. And with crypto on the rise in Africa and CMDX looking to increase its presence and prestige on the crypto exchanges, our coin provides African investors with an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the future of currency.”

CMDX currently boasts over 291,000 members worldwide, with the goal of achieving five million members by the end of 2021. The company’s mission is to become a top 25 cryptocurrency before 2021, when McMurrain believes the market will hit critical mass awareness.

About CMDX
CMDX is a global community dedicated to generating wealth for its users by rewarding healthy living. Through rewarding users for healthy lifestyles with cryptocurrency and creating a global network of healthcare providers accepting its smart currency, CMDX is changing the face of healthcare to make it affordable for every man, woman, and child and creating a better quality of life across the globe. To learn more, visit CMDX

About Lukki Exchange
Lukki is a user-friendly exchange platform with gamification elements Lukki was launched in Hong Kong at the beginning of 2019. Lukki platform has introduced IEO launchpad, lending program and currently develops a one of a kind gamification system to make the trading process easier and more exciting. To learn more visit Lukki

About Human API
Human API is on a mission to radically accelerate the pace of health innovation by giving consumers the easiest way to connect and share health data—no matter where or how it was stored. The company has built the first consumer-controlled health data platform that connects, normalizes, and structures data from 90% of acute care and critical access hospitals, along with pharmacies, labs, and 300+ wearable devices and fitness apps. Human API empowers insurance, corporate wellness, health plans, digital therapeutics and clinical research organizations to build and deliver consumer-centric apps and services with electronic health records (EHR) and personal device data from everywhere. For additional information, visit Human API

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