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Nazis, Harvard and the AIA: The Suppression of the Most Important Revolutionary Creative You Have Never Heard of

Walter Gropius


After years of research, author and CEO David Supple has uncovered the true intentions of rebel, visionary and world-renowned architect, Walter Gropius

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2020 / -- After years of research, author and CEO David Supple has recently uncovered and brought to light the true intentions of rebel, visionary and world-renowned architect, Walter Gropius. In honor of Gropius’s birthday anniversary of May 18th, Mr. Supple now shares the harrowing true story of these three powerful institutions and their attempts to oppress and crush this creative revolution.

Walter Gropius is well known to many as the father of modern architecture. However there is far more to the life, story and impact of this man than many know and this is not by chance. Viewed as the founder of the Modern Style in the elite ranks with Frank Lloyd Wright, Gropius changed the entire field of architecture. He moved the building design and construction industry in a sweepingly brilliant new direction and inspired the fastest growing construction methodology today - DesignBuild.

Almost 100 years ago Gropius founded the Bauhaus school with the intention to re-imagine the creative world of building design and construction. What is virtually unknown is the narrative of how Gropius eluded the Nazi regime, battled the hallowed halls of Harvard University and pushed back at the revered American Institute of Architects (AIA) in his quest to bring back the original and natural role of the architect as master of the building hierarchy.

David Supple, author, CEO, and accomplished Design-Builder spent years researching Gropius and unearthed three obscured fundamental quotes that illuminate the true intentions of Gropius and his movement.

“I am truly honored to bring this incredible man’s true story to light,” stated Supple. “Over 80 years ago the Nazi regime forced the closure of the Bauhaus school of design - yet that is only the beginning to this story.”

This year we celebrate 51 years since the death of Gropius yet today this man’s influence can be seen in buildings, furniture and even in vital electronics such as the iPhone. There is truly no better time to tell the story of how Harvard, the AIA and the Nazi Party tried to oppress a creative popular revolution which is today helping to change the world through a new methodology and mindset in which our environment is built. For the full article visit:

Nazis, Harvard and the AIA: the suppression of the most important revolutionary

About David Supple: David is the founder and CEO of New England Design & Construction (NEDC) in Boston. David has grown NEDC into a thought-leader in DesignBuild excellence - winning more than 30 awards and quoted in over 30 publications throughout the past 14 years. In addition to expanding NEDC , David has launched the DesignBuild Movement, a rapidly-growing forum for over 20,000 followers on social media with the purpose of educating society in this natural approach to building.

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