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NYC Independent Film Festival goes digital

Logo NYC Independent Film Festival

Logo NYC Independent Film Festival

Badria by Rodin Hamidi & Shoja Azari

Exit 0 by E.B. Hughes

Friday Afternoon by Paige Campbell

Women Is Losers by Lissette Feliciano

American drama on 11th edition of festival for independent filmmakers

We want to offer the Q&A's that make the festival famous and loved for.”
— Dennis Cieri, founder
NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2020 / -- The 11th edition of the NYC Independent Film Festival in New York will be an historical one. The first ever edition to go digital. From June 1st to June 7th every night the festival will stream short and feature films on the website of All genres the festival normally shows will be there: animation, narrative feature and short, documentary feature and short, art/experimental, music video and super shorts.

The digitalisation of the NYC Independent Film Festival is caused by the Corona or Covid-19 virus. The whole city is still in lockdown and even if it were going to be opened in time, not many people would be able to travel to New York and attend the festival. Especially visitors from outside the United States - an ever growing crowd of international filmmakers, actors and producers - are still blocked from entrance.

So in the festival week of June 1-7 the traditional festival hangout - the Producers Club on 44th Street in Manhattan - will now be the central point from where all films will be streamed on video platform Bingewave. The program follows a specific time table, which is published on the festival website.

,,We were granted permission by many filmmakers to stream their film online. In order to protect their film we will stream their film only once", says Dennis Cieri, founder of the NYC Independent Film Festival. ,,With some films we will also screen interviews with the film director or actors. That way we want to offer the Q&A's that make the festival famous and loved for."

Screening platform Bingewave is a pop-up theater model of a website where annually thousands of films are being released. Turning your home space into a movie venue.

Every year there are hundreds of international filmmakers who contribute to the festival. Here are some of feature narratives by American filmmakers.


A bright 16 year-old-girl, who lives in an impoverished small town in Morocco, works in the only cyber cafe in town and has become not only literate about computers and the Internet, but also an avid fan of cinema. Her dream is to become a filmmaker, however, her parents have already decided on her prearranged marriage and the date is set. With much ingenuity, Badria manages to gather her travel expenses to go to a movie set in the city of Casablanca for the first time in her life.


A young couple go on a weekend getaway, to help fix their struggling relationship. Things soon go bad, when he discovers a videotape of a murder that occurred in the very same hotel room.


The day that Gus goes in for her medical abortion, an unexpected complication leaves her with four hours to kill in the East Village before she can complete the procedure. During these hours, she is forced to confront the passivity with which she has lived her life and she finds herself reborn through the deaths of her relationships.


Over the course of one very long nigh and Christmas party, three college couples must sort out their tangled love lives before the semester ends. A deceptively simple ensemble movie told in non-linear order. This film is the feature directorial debut of Julian Carlo Santos and stars Samantha Brooks, granddaughter of Mel Brooks, in her first lead role in a feature film.


A troubled juvenile from New York was destined to become another heroin statistic. It wasn’t until he found redemption in God, that he would begin a lifelong journey to save others like himself.

When a bullied Indian teen forges her mother’s signature to test out of school, she discovers she must pay a test fee by 7th period, leaving her no choice but to turn to the students she desperately wants to leave.


Fei Fei, a married Caucasian western woman living in a small town in China with her family, meets Bai Yu, a Chinese blind masseur, and the two are powerfully drawn to one another. Against all odds, they come together in an intense love affair -- a turning point in both their lives from which there is no return.


A film inspired by the true story of a single mother who endures many hardships in her pursuit of providing a stable household in order to keep her family from sinking into poverty in America pre Roe v. Wade.

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