Cannabis Business Alternatives for Nurses During the COVID 19 Pandemic

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Medical Cannabis


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Simply Kind Solutions LLC

Nurses are actively seeking work at home opportunities and cannabis consulting is a top contender.

Most nurses are not wired to build businesses, we are wired to treat sick people, that’s why it is beneficial for us to work together”
— Lisa Hedin, RN
CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, May 13, 2020 / -- The Covid 19 pandemic has created an opportunity for nurses that they may not be aware of until now. While many nurses have been on the front lines, many more are being “furloughed” or outright laid off. With unsafe conditions and limited supplies to combat COVID 19, nurses are increasing looking for other alternatives to their career. Exploring work from home options for nurses has exploded. Cannabis has emerged as a real possibility for a nurse who is interested in providing education and consulting services. Cannabis is considered an essential business in many areas and a growing business model that is exciting for nurses to explore.

What do Cannabis Nurse Consultants (CNC) do?

CNCs help their clients to optimal decisions about medical cannabis use. CNCs do not handle, distribute, or sell cannabis. What they do is educate their clients. States have different regulations with Physicians and there is a knowledge gap from when the client gets their card knowing where to buy cannabis, how much to take, what form to take it in or provide any guidance on consumption. With hundreds of strains to choose from in a dispensary and multiple ways to ingest cannabis, clients are quickly overwhelmed.

They are now being referred to CNCs to help them navigate the complex world of cannabis and paying a starting consultant rate of $125-$150.00 per hour.

But how do nurses learn enough about cannabis to educate and consult new clients? Universities don’t routinely include cannabis education in the curriculum of any profession. So, nurses either need to read as much as they can get their hands on, or they can take a cannabis nurse consulting course, which teaches them what they didn’t learn in school.

The Cannabis Mastermind has emerged as the premier education and business program that not only teaches nurses what they need to know about cannabis to start a consulting company, but it also sets them up in a business and helps them make the connections they need to be successful.

Three companies partnered together to give nurses an opportunity to build this type of business so that nurses can create another stream of income or even run it as a fulltime business. Opportunities in cannabis are plentiful and expanding rapidly.

Why did three companies partner together and how can they help nurses?

NursePreneurs, Training Academy for Medical Cannabis and Simply Kind Solutions staffing agency all have one goal in common - to empower nurses in a cannabis business. Here is what they are doing.

“Most nurses are not wired to build businesses, we are wired to treat sick people, that’s why it is beneficial for us to work together” said nurse Lisa Hedin, Founder & CEO of the Training Academy for Medical Cannabis”.

The Training Academy for Medical Cannabis™ is dedicated to educating nurses about cannabis and how it interacts with the body. The program has been peer reviewed and approved for 7.0 continuing education credits by the American Holistic Nurses Association. At the end of the program, the nurse will get a “Medical Cannabis Nurse Certificate” and the nurse can work in various capacities for cannabis nursing and consulting.

NursePreneurs is the premier agency for nurse business startups and they understand that nurses are incredibly busy and don’t have time to learn code, websites and marketing – which are all essential components of a business.
“We saw an incredible opportunity to partner with Lisa at the Training Academy for Medical Cannabis, who was offering a high-quality program for nurses. We know to launch this business successfully; the nurses need a professional presence. That’s why we take this piece off the nurse’s shoulder in a done for you service that includes creating a professional website, branding kit and collateral such as logos, business cards, brochures and more.” said nurse Catie Harris, Founder & CEO of NursePreneurs.

Simply Kind Solutions, an international Cannabis exclusive Human Capital Solutions provider, recently announced its partnership with The Training Academy for Medical Cannabis™, to deliver Cannabis Training and Education Solutions to Individuals as well as Cannabis Businesses across the globe. Simply Kind Solutions offers the nursing graduates networking opportunities through referrals to dispensaries. Many dispensaries, while knowledgeable about cannabis strains, partner with CNCs to provide the education piece of healthcare conditions that they are not equipped to answer for clients.

“This is so exciting to be a partner with these companies because we cover all the bases with starting a new business” said Hedin. She further explains that when a nurse is finished with the program, they have the tools to start their business. They are able to successfully educate and consult with patients, dispensaries, organizations, and other healthcare professionals, which is a much-needed key to moving medical cannabis forward in this country.

Simply Kind Solutions was co-founded by Keith Wolsko, a Human Capital executive with over 25+ years of global experience who merged his passions for both people and the plant to help bring much needed best practices to the cannabis industry. According to Wolsko, “This strategic partnership is yet another distinguishing factor that separates us from the others by affording us the ability to offer better educated placements to our partner organizations, but also being able to help dispensaries educate their clients on how to properly use cannabis for their ailments all while increasing client retention and profitability”.

LEGAL DISCLOSURE Training Academy for Medical Cannabis™ does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US.CSA).

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