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Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey of Pittsburgh Discusses International Easter Traditions

Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2020 / -- Next to Christmas, Easter is the holiest of holidays for Christians all over the world. Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey of Pittsburgh, CEO and Sr. Pastor of Destiny, CEO of Destiny Enterprises, founder and Sr. Pastor of Deliverance Tabernacle Ministries Intl., and Internationally-known Evangelist, has traveled the world spreading the gospel. Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey is here to share some interesting Easter traditions held by Christians across the pond.

4 Interesting Easter Traditions | Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey

1) France
While kids in many countries receive treats from the Easter Bunny (or Easter bilby*, in Australia), children in France receive their gifts from the Easter bells. Catholicism teaches that no bells should be rung between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday to honor the solemnity of Jesus’ death. A majority Catholic country, a legend arose in France that the bells grew wings and flew to Rome to be blessed by the Pope, returning on Easter with presents for children. In Haux, France, a giant omelet is produced and fed to the people. The omelet consists of more than 4,500 eggs and can feed up to 1,000. The legend states that when Napoleon was traveling through the South of France, he and his troops stopped in a small town for omelets. The general was so pleased with his that he ordered the townspeople to make a giant omelet for his men.

2) Poland
The day before Easter, Polish families prepare a blessing basket filled with decorated eggs, savory sausages, and fresh-baked bread, among other festive foods. They take the basket to the church, where it is blessed by the priest. The blessing marks the end of Lent and the beginning of the celebratory period. The day after Easter, Poles, along with Slovaks, Hungarians, Czechs, and some Western Ukrainians, carry on celebrations with Smigus Dyngus (Polish), in which young people spray each other with water guns or toss buckets of water on one another. The legend states that young girls who are soaked will marry in the next year. Girls can also save themselves from being soaked by giving boys “ransom” of decorated eggs.

3) Spain
Different regions of Spain hold distinct Easter celebrations, but the town of Verges has one of the more unusual observations. On Holy Thursday night, residents participate in the Dansa de la Mort, donning skeletons and reenacting scenes from the Passion while proceeding through the streets. In Almaden de la Plata, as well as several countries in Latin America, residents participate in the Burning of Judas. This involves burning an effigy of Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus.

4) Israel
In the location where Jesus was crucified, it is fitting the Easter observance would be more somber. On Good Friday, Christians walk the path Jesus is thought to have traversed while carrying the cross. Some participants even carry a cross in solidarity with Christ in respect for His suffering. On Easter Sunday, pilgrims attend service at Garden Tomb, Jesus’ burial site.

More on Tracie Williams Dickey of Pittsburgh

Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey of Pittsburgh has created a special 5-Fold Ministry which she delivers through her local church as well as International publications and speaking engagements. Just as Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey of Pittsburgh meets and uplifts people, wherever they are in life, she likewise travels to all corners of the globe to meet congregants on their home turf.

In addition to international speaking events, Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey shares her wisdom through print and broadcasts including The Power of Deliverance Broadcast, The A.W.A.K.E. Women's Broadcast (Anointed Women Acclaimed For Kingdom Empowerment), and The Men on the Move Men's Broadcast.

Learn more about Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey of Pittsburgh and her message of hope via her website:


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