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Foresee-X the First Smart Surgical Glasses for Augmented Reality Surgery with CE and ready for EU market

Augmented Reality Smart Surgical Glasses System - Foresee-X

AR application in Trauma cases with C-ARM fluoroscopes

5G Wireless Connectivity for Foresee-X Smart Surgical Glasses with high definition @60fps

TAICHUNG, TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, May 15, 2020 / -- Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Branding name SURGLASSES) a leading biotechnology company, received CE along with FDA and ISO 13485 standard for its most advanced Augmented Reality Smart Surgical Glasses Foresee-X. The company produced this device to enable the surgeons during the surgical procedures by reducing the use of external monitors, reducing the radiation exposure, reduction in the surgical procedure duration and increasing the recovery time of the patients.
With the CE clearing the usage of the Foresee-X in surgical procedures in Europe, Taiwan Main Orthoapedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd in collaboration with several hospitals and surgeons shows its confidence in the usage of Foresee-X in different fields on surgical procedures which includes Trauma cases, usage with C-arm, Ultrasound, Endoscope and many other standard surgical equipment. “Foresee-X is a breakthrough in the Augmented Reality Surgery as it practically removes the usage of the external monitors for surgeons and help to focus 100% on the patient which reduces the surgical procedure time and radiation exposure for the surgeons and the patients altogether”, quoted Dr. Wang Min Liang, CEO and founder of Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

“The advantages of Foresee-X during the Trauma cases enable the team of the surgeons to perform and handle a greater number of cases per day than the traditional surgeries”, Dr. Lee Pei-Yuan, Honorary Dean of Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, one of the first users of the Foresee-X along with his team of surgeons. “The efficiency of the Foresee-X is considered a significant breakthrough during the surgeries as surgeons can focus entirely on the patient and the feature to connect 2 glasses to one system also gives the other surgeon the first-person view which makes surgeons work simultaneously on the patient”.
Augmented Reality Smart Surgical Glasses allows patient’s data to be dynamically synchronized with the glasses with Control Unit enabling the surgeons to focus on the patient rather than on the external monitors. Foresee-X has the ability to collect data from all kinds of radiological devices including CT, MRI, C-ARM and other standard medical equipment like endoscope, ultrasound, laparoscope and others. AR technology based Smart Surgical Glasses is suitable for minimally invasive surgeries as well. Wireless connection to the Control Unit is what makes Foresee-X a user-friendly device for the surgeons without obstructing the view of the surgeons during the surgeries. Easy to wear and light weight takes it to another level as the surgeons can wear it for long hours without having the feeling of dizziness.

With the introduction of AR technology into the Medical Surgical Procedures with the Foresee-X Smart Surgical Glasses, the advantages can be seen in different aspects of the surgeries ranging from radiation exposure to the time. Based on the collected data from different surgical procedure from the surgeons and doctors during the surgery, the no. of radiation shots taken can be seen significantly reduced, approximately 30%. The removal of external screens to monitor the surgical procedure increases the focus of the surgeons on the patients as the requirement for turning the head to look at the external monitors is considerably reduced which increase not only the efficiency of the surgeons but also the accuracy during the surgery. As the necessity to turn the head away from the patient to look at the external screens is considerably reduced, the overall duration of the surgical procedure also reduced the introduction of the AR technology reduced the size of the incision made during the surgery which increases the recovery time of the patients.

SURGLASSES’ Mission: Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd. strives to bring newer innovation to keep the medical industry and technologies up to date with the latest technologies and trends not only by empowering the surgeons but also keeping in concern the health and well-being of the patients. The main mission of the firm is to integrate the technology into the medical industry assisting the hospitals, physicians and patients altogether. Dr. Wang said, “The mission of SURGLASSES is to create the value for the patients, help the patients in getting the better treatment with the usage of high technology medical equipment”. With the philosophy of keeping human values over the monetary value, the CEO of Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology has set up an example for the rest of world. According to Dr. Wang from Taiwan Main Orthopaedic, he is open to co-operate with different sectors to provide best solution for the surgeons in order to improve the treatment level of the patients.

With FDA, CE and ISO standards, Foresee-X is ready to bring a major breakthrough in the surgery rooms. The days are not far when we can see the innovative Taiwan’s medical product into the hospitals around the world. “The philosophy and the motivation for the development of Foresee-X was to contribute in the medical sector by providing world class technology”, Dr. Wang said. Further stating Dr. Wang also mentioned that the team is working on the navigation systems as well for various application including spine, shoulder and others. Adding to the point, he stated that the team is working in collaboration with surgeons from different parts of the world performing non-clinical testing for the navigation system. The responses from the surgeons is very positive which is driving the engineers to perfect the design and solution to make the medical environment better.

“We, in collaboration with surgeons and professors, started working on the project since 2012. We developed prototypes, enhanced it, and kept enhancing the designs and technology to provide the world a better solution” Dr. Wang with his team. He also said, he is open for discussion and co-operation with medical industry leaders to make the product available to each and every possible hospital round the globe.

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