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The Great Six 0: humorous regrets for an un-eventful life

Krunchie Killeen in Sun-glasses and Woolly Cap

Krunchie Killeen in Sun-glasses and Woolly Cap

White-bearded pensioner, Krunchie Killeen

White-bearded pensioner, Krunchie Killeen

A smiling Krunchie Killeen with the Tolka River & foliage in background

Krunchie Killeen taking a stroll by the side of the River Tolka

White-Bearded Dublin Pensioner, Krunchie Killeen, Releases “The Great Six O, a poem humorously regretting an un-eventful life

The Great Six O to me has come; Another phase of life begun”
— Krunchie Killeen
DUBLIN 11, DUBLIN, IRELAND, May 8, 2020 / -- Krunchie Killeen, a white-bearded, retired Civil Servant (now aged 77) living in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland, has released his poem “The Great Six O” on Spotify (and other streaming services, viz., YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, Tik Tok, Deezer, Pandora, ClaroMusica, Saavn, TIDAL, iHeartRadio, Napster, Anghami, KKBox, TouchTunes). The poem goes live on 12 May 2020.

The poem was written by Krunchie on his 60th birthday. In it he humorously regrets “all those things I’ve never done,” such as jumping from a plane, swimming the Channel, winning an Olympic Medal or singing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

After each verse, he expresses his frustration with an expletive.

Two versions of the poem appear on YouTube: the version with the expletive and a “polite version” where the F word is replaced by a chorus of “Alas, alas, alas.”

The words of the poem are:

“The Great Six O to me has come,
Another phase of life begun;
Family reared and duty done;
Pass on my mantle to my son.

Fuck it.

Now my mind begins to dwell
On pleasures that I should know well,
But never knew, the truth to tell,
Or of which I only got the smell.

Fuck it.

All those things I’ve never done,
Jumped from a plane, the Channel swum,
Olympic Medals never won
Nor in the Eurovision sung.

Fuck it.

All the pleasures I have missed.
All the girls I never kissed.
All those nights I could have been pissed,
Yes, all the temptations I did resist.

Fuck it.

The time is short; it’s running out.
Bring me another pint of stout;
And, girls, line up along the wall,
For Krunchie wants to ride yiz all;

Hop to it.

His Spotify Channel can be found at:

His YouTube Channel can be found at:

This is one of 23 songs released on Spotify by Krunchie so far this year. The others are:

• 9 Poems of James Joyce, to new airs by Krunchie (Bid Adieu to Girlish Days, Combing Her Long Hair, Dear Heart, Donnycarney, Goldenhair, I Hear An Army, My Love in Light Attire, Simples of the Moon, The Eyes That Mock Me)
• Dawning of the Day (From the Irish “Fainne Geal An Lae”)
• Battering Ram (An instrumental of a 19th century Irish tune, recalling cruel evictions)
• Farewell to Poor Ireland (From the Irish “Amhran Na Tra Baine”)
• The Feasting At Kincora (Recalling the glory of Brian Boru’s Feasting)
• One Tea Bag (A comic song)
• Pistachios (Another comic song)
• River Stroll (Recalling Krunchie’s walk by the Tolka River last August)
• My Ginger Girl (From the Irish “Mo Chailin Rua,” tells of a traveller’s love-life in a caravan)
• Phibsboro Suite (an instrumental recalling two tunes composed when he was 10)
• When Life Comes Back to Normal (a tune from the Cocoon)
• Lament For Forests (from an old Irish song regretting the felling of forests)
• In A Pub One Night (recalls a transformation from quiet person to roisterer)
• My Dark Rosaleen (a new tune to James Clarence Mangan’s rousing poem, goes live on 29 May, replacing the unsatisfactory airs in the versions of Count John McCormack and Tommy Makem)

The songs and music are recorded in his home studio (comprising a desktop computer and software).

He has been playing with the Invincibles in occasional gigs for about 17 years and, until the Corona virus struck, had been doing a weekly concert in Clareville Day Centre. He has written five books, available on Amazon; and has edited the “Dublin Memory Book” (which contains memoirs, memories and stories contributed by clients of Clareville Day Centre in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland).

A selection of photos of Krunchie can be viewed and downloaded from:

“Glossneen” is the name of Krunchie’s record label. The range of recordings so far issued under the “Glosneen” label can be found at:

Krunchie’s biography can be viewed on:

Further information: Krunchie Killeen, +353 87 908 5149;

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The Great Six O