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One Hundred Feet Inc. Launches Latest Product – Beans Route – a Powerful Routing and Dispatch System

Beansroute reduces time and mileage by more than 20% when compared to major competitors.

The system is built utilizing the company’s comprehensive and extensive data from drivers.

Through careful planning and development, One Hundred Feet has delivered the missing layer of data for improving the last mile of logistics.”
— Akash Agarwal
PALO ALTO, CA, USA, April 29, 2020 / -- One Hundred Feet Inc. is pleased to announce the exciting launch of its latest product – Beans Route – which is a powerful routing and dispatch system for drivers around the world.

One Hundred Feet, Inc. is a Palo Alto, California based company that is revolutionizing the last mile of transportation and logistics. The company uses their own proprietary data and leverages machine learning to solve the problem of finding the exact location of units, elevators and building entrances for apartments, hospitals, dorms or mobile home parks for public safety, logistics and telecom companies.

“Through careful planning and development, One Hundred Feet has brought the missing layer of data for improving the last mile of logistics,” says Akash Agarwal, one of the company’s founders. “Parcel delivery companies, for example, rely largely on just an address to complete the delivery. With this method, they lack information points such as exact location of the building entrance, the location of the doorstep, nature of the address (business vs residence), office hours for delivery, availability of package lockers, availability of elevators, so on and so forth. This lack of information results in extremely high cost for the last mile of delivery.”

To help drivers gain as much information about the final mile of any delivery, One Hundred Feet is excited to release its latest product, the Beans Route app, one of the most powerful, yet easy to use, routing and dispatch systems built on top of the company’s highly reputable data.

“We build this intelligent app from the ground up, interviewing hundreds of FedEx, DHL, Ontrac, and UPS drivers in the process,” states Nitin Gupta, the company's CEO. “As a result, it’s very user friendly, with over 10,000 drivers across hundreds of delivery companies using our test app to complete their routes.”

While Beans Route app allows drivers to save up to 6 minutes per delivery and reduce walking distance by over 800 feet per stop, the dispatch tools allows managers to track driver location, balance workloads and reduce overall cost of delivery operations by over 20%.

“One thing all dispatch managers love about our product is that our data and app make it as easy for a new driver to deliver to the most difficult addresses, as it would for an experienced driver who knows the address inside and out,” Gupta says. “Additionally, by being a FedEx approved vendor, we are consistently routing and assessing in real time.”

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About the Company:

One Hundred Feet is a final mile optimization company, fundamentally changing the last leg of delivery. The company’s data helps to make deliveries easier in high density areas, such as apartments, dorms, hospitals, and hotels.
One Hundred Feet enables delivery partners to find locations of units within 10ft accuracy, find the quickest route available and improve overall delivery operations.

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