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Denise Gibbs of Modesto: Why we Need to Protect our Seniors When They Cannot Protect Themselves

Denise Gibbs Modesto

Our elderly are among the most vulnerable people in the United States, Denise Gibbs of Modesto touches upon why we must stand up for them.

MODESTO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2020 / -- For most of us, we are eventually going to get old. We will see our body degrade, and we may see our mind degrade as well, suffering from things such as Alzheimer's and dementia. This puts us at greater risk, both from ourselves and from others, and in turn needing the assistance of those who are both more mentally and physically fit in order to keep the elderly safe. Denise Gibbs of Modesto explains the pitfalls that senior citizens in the United States face as well as how we can try to keep them safe and sound.

Denise Gibbs of Modesto: What Trials and Tribulations do Our Senior Citizens Face?

Because of senior citizens' diminished physical ability, they are at greater risk of physical injury. This can be due to their relative inability to walk, putting them at risk of a serious fall. On top of this, their body is more vulnerable, making it more likely that such a fall could have a greater impact on them than it would for us, Denise Gibbs of Modesto points out. Their immune system is not as strong as it once was, either. They are much more susceptible to viruses and diseases as a result, having a greater risk that they may die from what ails them. A modern example is Covid-19, or the Coronavirus, which is rather aggressive for those who are not able to adequately combat it.

It is not just physical limitations they face, Denise Gibbs of Modesto points out. Mental issues are also an issue. Forgetfulness is incredibly common, though to varying degrees. As a person gets older, they are more likely to start forgetting things. Sometimes it's something small, but it can also be a serious issue. For instance, they may forget to take their medicine, or worse, leave something on the burner and start a fire. Other forms of forgetfulness Denise Gibbs of Modesto points out, one that's a lot more tragic, involve forgetting the identities of their loved ones. This forgetfulness can also make them good prey for predatory individuals, Denise Gibbs of Modesto warns.

Denise Gibbs of Modesto: What can be Done to Help

One of the things Denise Gibbs of Modesto suggests is to maintain contact with them. All too often, elderly people mentally degrade due to being abandoned in a nursing home, lacking contact with the people they once saw significantly more often. If possible, mental and physical exercises can help slow the progress of these issues. Furthermore, if you have a parent or grandparent in a nursing home, always make sure to look out for signs of abuse, as elderly people may either forget the abuse or fear outing their abuser or abusers.

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