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4-Time Grammy® Nominee David Arkenstone Releases THE DELICATE BALANCE to Help Ease Tensions and Bolster Hope

David Arkenstone's new EP to help ease tensions and inspire positivity.

David Arkenstone's new EP release to help ease tensions and bolster world hope.

4-time Grammy nominee David Arkenstone

4-time Grammy nominee David Arkenstone

Inspired by current events, Arkenstone invites the fragile world to “Go on an adventure… from home!”

The hope of humanity prevailing and rising as one to encompass global caring, concern and compassion is what inspired this music.”
— David Arkenstone
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 10, 2020 / -- Composed during one of humanity’s most challenging trials, award-winning composer/musician David Arkenstone was deeply moved by our connectedness and the power of music. Motivated to write ‘The Delicate Balance,’ a new EP just released, these 6 heartfelt tracks invite listeners to set aside fears and concerns for a few minutes and let their minds go to wherever the music takes them.

“These are songs of reflection, wonder and hope,” shares Arkenstone. “The songs sonically include the intimacy of the piano, to purely textural soundscapes …. During this present situation, I found myself deeply contemplating the fragility of life and our planet, my love for family and friends, mortality, and how no one is exempt from this assault…music has always been a powerful healing force within me and I just felt compelled to write The Delicate Balance.”

Arkenstone improvised a couple of the tracks. “For instance, on ‘What We Do In Life . . . Echoes In Eternity,’ I allowed myself to more or less improvise and record that as the basic track,” says Arkenstone. “I closed my eyes, tapped into the energy of the moment, and music just flowed.”

Featured on ‘The Delicate Balance’ is virtuoso violinist Luanne Homzy. Both Arkenstone and Homzy recorded alone at their home studios, in accordance with current safety and social distancing guidelines, and the EP was mixed by engineer Jill Tengan…. also alone in the studio. View the beautiful and inspiring video for ’Beyond The Horizon’ at

With the world and its economy upside down at the moment, Arkenstone is offering a free download of ‘The Delicate Balance.’ “The first 500 people who visit my new website will discover a way to download this new music,” Arkenstone announced.

“I have a lot of faith in our collective spirit. We are all in this together and this challenge to humanity has brought out some of the very best in people. I’m grateful if my music can ease tensions, inspire positivity, cause reflection and provide some hope for the future. All we can all do right now to get through these dangerous days is take care of yourself, care for your family and those close to you as best you can, heed the guidelines, take no unnecessary risks, and be super kind to each other. The world is pretty great place when we all work together. I invite you to allow my music to be the soundtrack to a break from the stress and realities of the moment,” says Arkenstone.

With 20 Billboard hits, film & TV soundtracks, over 60 albums in release, and game scores, multi-GRAMMY® nominee David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the best contemporary instrumental musicians of our time. This visionary artist continues to create distinctive music that inspires the imagination.

Track list for The Delicate Balance:

1. Isolamento (4:27)
2. What We Do In Life . . .Echoes In Eternity (4:32)
3. You Can Only Come To The Morning Through The Shadows (4:18)
4. The Measure Of Existence (3:36)
5. The Clouds Part (4:05)
6. Beyond The Horizon (5:09)

EP Download is available to the press upon request.

Beyond The Horizon video at

David’s official website:

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David Arkenstone's Beyond The Horizon, featuring violinist Luanne Homzy.