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Louise Clarke of Your Parenting Partner to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WEST VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, April 7, 2020 / -- As a parent you can often find yourself caught in never-ending power struggles with your kids. No matter how much you yell, threaten them, give them time outs, even bribe them, nothing seems to work. They refuse to get off their smartphones or tablets, talk back, and just don’t listen. Googling for solutions can further overwhelm you and getting advice from friends and family can leave you even more conflicted. To help you navigate through these challenges you need someone who can objectively and expertly help and guide you to finding the solutions you need.

Louise Clark is an exceptional Parent Coach, podcast host of the 'Parenting In The Thick Of It' Show, founder of Your Parenting Partner, and author of 'Parenting The Modern Teen: Cracking the code to Parenting your teen. The secret to understanding, connecting and communicating with your teen in a disconnected, distracted and digital world'.

“I give parents the practical tools they need to help them better navigate the tough parenting moments we all face,” says Louise. “When parents seek me out, they are often overwhelmed, exhausted and at their wit’s end. With my parenting strategies, I teach parents how to shift their mindset because when they change the way they view the dynamic between them and their kids, and the way they typically show up, react and behave with their kids, it results in their children changing their behavior for the better.”

Although there are lots of well written parenting books out there, the information doesn’t always translate to a parent’s specific challenge, nor give them the all-important HOW they are going to bring about change. This is where working one-on-one with a skilled Parent Coach can really help.

“Since every family is unique, I don’t have a particular “recipe” in my approach. It’s all done on an individual basis, says Louise. “Part of what I do is help parents develop clear-cut strategies and come to the understanding that their kids are often not the problem! For instance, your fourteen-year-old is simply having a teenage moment when they rebel, or your two-year-old is just being a toddler when they throw a tantrum. The bigger problem is how we manage and control ourselves in the face of these challenging behaviors and this is what I work on with parents.”

Blaming our children not only adds to our frustration but triggers a negative chain of events and we can end up “tantrumming” just like our two-year-old or arguing in vain with our 14-year-old, thus creating a vicious never-ending cycle.

It has become Louise’s life purpose to help parents understand how vital it is for parents to invest in their parenting and make it a priority.

“That’s why it’s critical for parents to first examine their own behavior, find ways to remain in control of themselves, and become the best role models for their kids,” says Louise. “Since our kids mimic us and follow our example, our response to them is critical. If we want our children to grow up to be responsible, contributing members of society, able to accept their mistakes, to be generous of spirit, to have strong emotional intelligence, we should practice these things ourselves.”

As a loving mom of three teenage children, Louise knows what it’s like to practice patience and tolerance and her own experience combined with years of training is what ultimately led her to become a Parent Coach.

“I empower parents to change the way they are showing up with their kids because when they do that, magic happens.” says Louise.

Louise helps parents understand the brain science relative to their children’s behavior. Evidence shows that young people’s brains are not fully developed or rewired until the age of 22-25 years old. This can help explain why kids act and behave the way they do and can help parents be more compassionate and have empathy for their children.

“Parents should absolutely practice self-care such as meditation, healthy eating, daily exercise , adequate sleep, be good with their boundaries, get out in nature, get better at saying no to certain things so they can show up less triggered and be cool, calm and connected parents,” says Louise.

Louise has gained national attention with her podcast “Parenting in the Thick of it,” and has recently celebrated her 400th episode.

“Our children are our future,” says Louise. “Times have changed. The old, stale, hierarchical parenting models simply don’t work in today’s fast paced digital world. If they did, parents and kids would not be struggling as much as they are. Don’t we owe it to our children to make every effort to show up the very best version of ourselves and one we can be proud of?”

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