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Fitness Enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander Discusses Common Workout Mistakes and How to Combat Them

Jack Estes Debrabander

Jack Estes Debrabander

Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander discusses common workout mistakes and how athletes can combat them to have more effective workouts.

EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / -- Fitness experts have been emphasizing the importance of performing workouts properly for decades. However, gym-goers, runners, and other athletes continue to make the same mistakes when working out. Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander recently discussed these mistakes as well as the best ways to combat them. His tips are designed to help athletes of all levels achieve a superior and more effective work out. 

"The first step in accomplishing an effective workout is having a game plan in place," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "Create your workout routine before heading to the gym or set your running route before you head outside. Setting guidelines for yourself will help you achieve daily workout goals."
Jack Estes Debrabander and other fitness enthusiasts suggest performing at least three 30-minute workouts per week. According to Jack Estes Debrabander, those 30 minutes should be spent working out, and if you don't have a proper plan in place, you could spend much of that time thinking about what to do next. That means you may not actually be performing 30 minutes of exercise when you think you are. 

"Another major mistake people are making is looking at their phones multiple times during workouts," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "Phones can be useful for listening to music, but it's essential to refrain from looking at Facebook, answering emails, texting, and more. Phones make you rest too long between reps and generally distract you from the workout you're performing."

Fitness enthusiasts like Jack Estes Debrabander also express the importance of performing a warm-up before working out. 

"We as fitness enthusiasts say it time and time again, but so many athletes are still skipping warm-ups," Jack Estes Debrabander says.

Debrabander reiterates that warming up is an essential part of preventing injury while working out. Warming up loosens the muscles to prevent tears, and it also prepares your mind for the coming workout. Throughout the warm-up, your lungs start pumping faster, body temperature rises, and blood flow is increased, this results in superior muscle elasticity and circulation for the workout. 

"As an athlete, you must also give your body enough time to recuperate," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "Over-training the body can be just as damaging, or even more damaging, than skipping a workout."

Jack Estes Debrabander and other fitness enthusiasts explain that working out too much can cause injuries and overall fitness burnout. Staying on track means working rest and recovery days into the workout schedule. Similarly, Debrabander suggests varying workouts to exercise different parts of the body. 

"Varying your day-to-day workouts allows certain muscles to recover while others are being worked," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "It also helps keep your workout schedule interesting, which is essential to preventing burnout."

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