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On April Fool’s Day, Trump Battles Partying Florida Spring Breakers to Top 2020’s “Most Foolish American” Poll

Telephone survey of 1,004 Americans pits President Donald Trump Against Party-Hearty Florida Breakers For Top Spot in Annual April Fool's Day Survey

CLEVELAND, OH, US, March 30, 2020 / -- President Donald J. Trump is in a statistical dead heat with this year’s party-hearty Florida Spring Breakers in an annual telephone survey commissioned for April Fool's Day by American media consultant Jeff Barge to crown the “Most Foolish American” of 2020.

With 51% of the country saying Trump “might have done something foolish” in the past year, Trump only narrowly beat out Florida Spring Breakers, who clocked in with a 50% foolishness rating. That’s a statistical tie. As the coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide, American college students on break converged on the beaches of Florida this March to spread the virus further -- and take it home to their families.

Coming in third in the poll was sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, who was deemed foolish by 45% of Americans. Fourth place was taken by rapper Kanye West, 43%, who recently started his own church, and fifth was actor Jussie Smollett (38%), who was alleged to have faked an attack on himself to garner publicity.

The survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corp., was created through 1,004 random phone calls made to Americans on March 25-27. It has a statistical margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent. The survey is done just for fun.

Out of the money this year was Nancy Pelosi, 36%, who lead the impeachment charge against Mr. Trump last year. At 34%, Hillary Clinton had a foolishness rating equal to that of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, also 34%.

Felicity Huffman came up with 29% of those surveyed saying she had done something foolish by bribing her kids’ way into college. The butt-dialing Rudy Giuliani had 27%. CEO Mark Zuckerberg scored 26%: his company Facebook recently announced a policy of allowing false ads to be published on its website.

And Sen. Rand Paul, who recently had a high profile fight with a neighbor and later spread COVID-19 through the Senate gym, scored 24%.

A full 37% of Americans admitted that they, themselves, might have done something foolish in the preceding year.

Interestingly, Trump’s presidential rival, the oft-forgetful Joe Biden, was given only a 33% foolishness rating, 18 points below Trump. And arm-waving Bernie Sanders scored only a 27% foolishness rating.
Trump was deemed most foolish by black Americans (63%). Biden scored highest in foolishness among 18-23 year olds, Generation Z, with 44% of that group saying he might have been foolish.

But Trump needn’t worry too much. In past years, Pres. Bill Clinton scored an 85% foolishness rating, while Pres. George W. Bush scored a high of 63%.

The stars of the movie “Cats” were given a 22% foolishness rating. “Obviously the rest had not seen the film,” said Mr. Barge.

Somewhat surprisingly, of the 24 candidates offered up, actor Billy Porter, who likes to dress up in outlandish costumes, was deemed least foolish by Americans, with only 11% saying he had done something foolish. “I think that shows a vast shift in thinking, because 'hamming it up' like that has in the past been viewed as foolish behavior. But being yourself is no longer considered foolish. Billy is being ‘foolish’ all the way to the bank.”

The survey was originally begun in 1998, and continued annually through 2007. It has just been picked up again. Past winners have included Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Bill Clinton, and Robert Downey Jr. Results of the survey have been reported in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Agence France Presse, Stephen Colbert, and numerous newspapers worldwide.

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