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SEO4Life - beneficial live stream SEO conference against COVID-19

Beneficial live stream SEO conference

SEO comunity against COVID-19

SEO4Life is a free beneficial online conference for marketers who have lost out on opportunities to educate themselves due to the new coronavirus situation.

EARTH, March 26, 2020 / -- SEO4Life is a beneficial online conference for marketers who have lost out on opportunities to educate themselves due to the new coronavirus situation. It’s completely free and the presenting speakers belong to the world’s top in the SEO community.

The live stream may be watched by anyone who is registered at The conference is scheduled to start on 2nd April at 14:00 UTC. The whole conference will take four hours and will be streamed via Twitch.

The speakers include names such as Martin Splitt (Google), Purna Virji (Microsoft), and Aleyda Solis. They all agreed to present for free since the conference is about supporting education of the community that is currently partially paralysed. Moreover, it’s connected with the Folding@Home project, which is doing research for cures of various diseases by utilizing unused computer power of individuals’ PCs joining this project thanks to a special software.

”The aim of SEO4Life is to provide everyone with the option to educate themselves in these hard times that have us facing difficult situations. At the same time, we want to contribute to the solution of a bigger problem. Sharing the unused computer power of our PCs for something bigger is a simple way that we can all help,” the organiser Filip Podstavec says.

How does the SEO4Life project help?

The situation caused by the new coronavirus has quite unexpectedly influenced people’s lives all over the world.

In the course of the SEO4Life online conference each viewer will have a chance to donate to the Folding@Home foundation which supports scientists in looking for cures for various diseases in the long term. These days it’s the new coronavirus.

However, there’s also another way each of us can support the foundation. You only need to install the Folding@Home software which provides your unused computer power to scientists. Which is necessary for simulating protein dynamics of the virus. These simulations speed up the research of cures for this disease. You can find more information directly on the project page Folding@Home.

You don’t need to wait to install the software until the start of the conference. You can download it in advance and keep it running during the presentations as well. At the end of the conference you’ll find all the companies and individuals who contributed to the Folding@Home project by sharing their computer power on the homepage of SEO4Life.

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