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U.S. Healthcare Workers Eligible for 24/7 Online Emotional Support With All Fees Waived During COVID-19 Crisis

Overwhelmed Healthcare Worker

Overwhelmed Healthcare Worker

Supportiv, The Peer Support Network, offers anonymous real-time chats, immediate links to coping techniques for critical emotional issues like anxiety, burnout

I feel like we are being asked to have the whole country's back but the people who were supposed to have ours did not.”
— Anonymous healthcare worker chatting on Supportiv
BERKELEY, CA, USA, March 23, 2020 / -- Healthcare workers are our society’s fundamental support system, already experiencing burnout at an unsustainable rate. With COVID-19 reaching pandemic proportions, those at the frontline deserve our support, more than ever.

For any physician, nurse, tech, assistant, facilities or staff member, EMT, pharmacist or mental health professional, Supportiv, The Peer Support Network, is helping to ease stress and relieve emotional burdens with 24/7 immediate emotional support, available digitally from anywhere, with all fees 100% waived.

Healthcare workers simply need to use the code FRONTLINE at

According to the WHO, “COVID-19 can’t be stopped without safeguarding health workers.” Safeguarding health workers means protecting both physical and mental well-being because emotional stress depletes the immune system.

Helena Plater-Zyberk, Co-Founder and CEO of Supportiv says, “During this crisis, healthcare workers understandably feel anxious, fearful, angry, or frustrated. They continue to care for COVID-19 patients, despite the risk to their own lives and families. Their personal support systems and ability to self-care are disrupted, and while they sacrifice their own wellbeing to insure all of ours, we want them to know: We’re here to provide the emotional support they deserve.”

Says one physician leader who recently sought out stress relief on Supportiv, “Our clinicians are anxious and nervous and sad and feel that access to care is being delivered in an unjust manner.” “Fear is paralysing a lot of people from taking action,” says another. “I feel like we are being asked to have the whole country's back but the people who were supposed to have ours did not,” vents another.

Pouria Mojabi, Supportiv Co-Founder adds, “As the virus spreads and worsens, we recognize that healthcare workers will have to make tough calls on who gets testing, care, equipment, beds, etc. You will be breaking bad news to families. These are moral and emotional burdens that are no fault of your own.”

Supportiv is a peer support network,where people support each other via chat, instantaneously. Healthcare workers will be matched with people who specifically understand their struggle. Each user’s identity is completely anonymous, and there is no judgement. Trolls are prevented from sidelining the chats because professionally trained moderators guide each conversation, live.

Supportiv will also provide you coping tools and resources to get through stressful times, such as breathing techniques, step-by-step exercises, and other ways to manage stress.

To access the fees-waived service, healthcare workers should:
1. Go to and click “Chat Now”
2. When asked “What’s your struggle?” simply enter “coronavirus” or “COVID-19″
3. Use the code FRONTLINE for all fees to be 100% waived.

Healthcare workers deserve appreciation and validation to continue carrying this burden on behalf of the entire population, all of whom are relying on their strength.

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