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Maru/Blue Announces Launch of Maru Voice Canada Daily Omnibus

/EIN News/ -- The most accurate and affordable way to take the pulse of Canadian consumers, instantly.

TORONTO, March 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maru/Blue—a premium quality data services firm—is pleased to announce the launch of its Maru Voice Canada Daily Omnibus.

“This new offering allows companies to instantly tap into a truly representative sample of Canada’s only daily omnibus with Monday to Friday access to 1,500 Canadians. The company continues to drive innovation to help clients achieve results faster,” said Katie Gawlik, Vice President, Strategy and Development, Maru/Blue.

Our Maru Voice Canada Omnibus solution allows clients to test an idea, message or concept within a short time amongst Canadian citizens. Our Omnibus features include:

  • Daily access to 1,500 nationally represented Canadian citizens; through Maru/Blue-owned community of 125,000 members
  • Results in 24 hours;
  • Senior research staff to help with survey development;
  • Interactive, engaging surveys that provide better quality responses;
  • Actionable insights delivered in Excel. Custom outputs available for an additional cost upon request.

“We take great care at Maru/Blue to treat our respondents with respect and continuously test the validity and reliability of our market communities by tracking the same results over time. This results in communities that are consistent, accurate and reliable,” said Rob Berger, Managing Director, Maru/Blue.

Maru Voice Canada, a global expansion of the Maru/Blue online market research panels, provides people in Canada with the opportunity to voice their opinions on a variety of topics and issues. Our Canadian online market research panel joins Maru Voice UK and Maru Springboard America (launched in 2018 and 2009, the United Kingdom and the United State’s leading online market research panels). 

About Maru/Blue

Maru/Blue is a premium quality data services firm that provides reliable global data connections for brands, agencies, healthcare and market research. We create value for our clients by connecting them with expertly profiled known respondents. We deliver instant access to the general population, specific markets, and your customers or your competitor’s customers.


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