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SafeCare Magazine Releases In$ulin Sticker Shock Edition


Americans Deserve Better Drug Pricing

The reality for 10 million adult Americans with diabetes is rationing of insulin and struggling to pay for it”
— Yisrael Safeek, MD, MBA, CEO, The SafeCare Group
LEXINGTON, KY, USA, March 3, 2020 / -- SafeCare magazine announced today the release of its IN$ULIN STICKER SHOCK edition focusing on the unaffordability of insulin. This edition delves into how the cost of insulin has risen in the past decade over three-fold.

“The reality for 10 million adult Americans with diabetes is rationing of insulin and struggling to pay for it,” said Yisrael Safeek, MD, MBA, CEO, The SafeCare Group. “15 years ago, a patient with diabetes might have paid $175.57 for a 20-milliliter vial of the long-acting insulin Humulin R U-500. Today, she’d shell out $1,487 for the same tiny vial.”

The cover story article “Expensive Insulin – How Insulin Prices Tripled” contrasts the statements and actions of Alex M. Azar II, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, as the President of Eli Lilly and in his current position. During the five years that he led Eli Lily, the price of insulin tripled. Since being the head of HHS, he has said “drug prices are too high” but they continue to rise, even insulin.

“To cope with high insulin prices, patients are forced into desperate measures including reducing the dose, skimping on utility payments, and even cutting back on groceries,” stated SafeCare Editor-in-Chief Linda Christmann, MD, MBA. “The logical consequences of this have followed: complications of diabetes including blindness, renal failure, amputations and even death, not to mention ruining family finances.”

Another article “Stayed Overseas for Insulin - Went For School” is a compelling story of an American who attended graduate school in Germany and found her monthly bill for insulin and supplies which had been about $200 per month in the US, dropped to less than $4 per month. Never having to worry about affording her essential medication has led her to stay on in the country.

Yet another article "Cheaper Drug Imports – Gimmick or Open for Business” discusses a strategy that many Americans have adopted to afford medications; buy them abroad.

This edition also include articles that discuss topics essential for healthcare leaders, potential complications of hospital care, and infectious disease threats.

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