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M2S Bikes Launches New & Improved All Terrain Electric Bike Series On Kickstarter

M2S Bikes Kickstarter Photo

The All Terrain R750 HT - available for pre-order on Kickstarter

All Terrain R750 Sport

The All Terrain R750 Sport is a road optimized electric bike designed for both commuting and adventure

All Terrain R750 ST

The All Terrain R750 ST is a step thru design that allows for easy access for riders of all heights.

The new and improved All Terrain R750 electric assist bike gives riders the power to explore their world.

We are very excited about the updated All Terrain R750. We believe this bike will set a new standard in the electric bike industry as one of the best bikes at one of the most affordable price points.”
— Eric Crews, founder of M2S Bikes

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2020 / -- The spring cycling season is about to getthanks to a new and improved electric bike series from North Carolina-based electric bike manufacturer M2S Bikes.

The All Terrain line has been fully revamped for the 2020 model year to include an updated frame design, as well as other improvements that help establish the All Terrain R750 as one of the premier electric bikes in the market today.

“We are very excited about the updated All Terrain R750,” said Eric Crews, founder and president of M2S Bikes. “As our best-selling bike for the past three years, we took a look at what makes this such a great bike and worked to find ways to improve on the overall design to come up with a new product that we feel is going to set a new standard in the electric bike industry as one of the best bikes at one of the most affordable price points.”

“Our new bikes have a long list of improvements that, in the end, add up to one of the best electric bikes available on the market today. We believe this bike sets the bar a little higher in the industry and we’re looking forward to seeing how it is received by our customers. We’re confident they’ll find it to be the best bike they’ve ever owned,” Crews added.

To launch this new model, M2S Bikes is returning to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site that they used back in 2016 to successfully fund and produce their first bike, the All Go Carbon electric bike. Since then, M2S Bikes has continued to innovate by offering a wide range of new and improved models each year.

“Thanks to the success of our previous campaigns and the backers who supported us initially we've been able to grow M2S Bikes into the highly successful company it is today,” Crews said. “I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those customers, many of whom we still call friends to this day. Now, with the launch of this new campaign, we're looking forward to bringing on a new customer base who is interested in joining the electric bike revolution. By doing so, these customers will also be helping us take the next step in our growth process and help us scale up our production. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to deliver the best quality bikes at the best possible price point and get as many people as possible out of their cars and onto bikes. We truly believe that bikes make the world a better place and we're excited to continue to push the possibilities of what electric bikes have to offer.”

The 30-day Kickstarter campaign will allow customers a chance to reserve a pre-order special edition All Terrain R750 for $299. The full purchase of the bikes start at $1299 and is only available at that price through Kickstarter. Once the Kickstarter campaign is over, the bikes will be offered exclusively through the website.

The new model is available in two distinct frame styles - a standard frame bike with multiple size options - as well as a step thru design to make getting on and off the bike as easy as possible.

“We’ve seen an incredible surge in demand for our step thru model since introducing it in 2017,” Crews said. “This year we’re excited to offer that again and have worked to improve the functionality to make it an ideal fit for a wide range of rider heights.”

In addition to the two frame styles, M2S Bikes is also offering this bike with the extra wide and aggressive tread pattern of the 26 inch by 4.5 inch tire style, while also introducing a new tire size for model year 2020. The new tire option is a three-inch wide tire with less aggressive tread. The end result is a bike that handles exceptionally well on pavement and gravel roads, while offering increased riding range of around 20 percent thanks to the improved efficiency of the faster rolling tires.

“We are very excited about what our new plus tire size brings to the table,” Crews said. “The improved rolling resistance of a smaller width tire makes this an ideal commuter bike for a lot of customers. We also like the wide range of tire choices available on the market today in the 29 plus size, which allows customers to optimize their bike’s tire style depending on their riding style.”

At the helm of the improved All Terrain series is a new color display that offers riders full control of the pedal assist support with nine levels of assist, while also showcasing key stats such as speed, ride distance, remaining battery and motor watt output. The bikes are able to be used with pedal assist only, with no motor assistance or in the optional throttle only mode that allows for riding without having to pedal.

The bike is available with three different battery sizes that offers riding range from 20 miles with the smallest size to up to 75 miles on a single charge with the largest option - a 48v 21 amp hour battery.

Additional changes for model year 2020 include an improved front suspension fork that offers an air sprung design that allows customers to further customize their suspension feel based on their weight and riding style. The new fork also slashes considerable weight off the weight of the bike, bringing the total weight down to just over 50 pounds without the lithium ion battery.

“The new All Terrain series is a culmination of all of the hard work we’ve put in to make the best quality electric bikes we can, while striving to keep the price as affordable as possible to make our bikes as accessible to as many people as possible,” Crews said. “Needless to say we’re excited to get started on production and looking forward to delivering these bikes to customers as soon as possible.”

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