California Nurse Turns Covid-19 Lemon to Lemonade Using Retirement Savings to Underwrite Global Nurse Symposium Webcast

Pamela Jane Nye / Nursing Career Photo History 1974 - 2019

Pamela Jane Nye / Nursing Career Photo History (1974 - 2019)

Unique nurse education setting aboard FantaSea One luxury yacht

inaugural Operation Scrubs launch 2019

Venue for Operation:Scrubs May 11/2020 National Nurses Symposium and Global Webcast

As Covid-19 threatens world economy, a retired UCLA nurse backs promised nurse education symposium webcast with retirement savings!

I'm just doing what nurses do every day. I assessed the situation and with a proactive mindset, I planned and I acted. This time the plan was turning the Covid-19 sour lemon into educational lemonade.”
— Pamela Jane Nye, Nurse and CEO/Board Chair of Operation Scrubs
MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2020 / -- Pamela Jane Nye successfully launched her Operation Scrubs Annual Nurse Education Symposium and Celebration event on May 6, 2019 (National Nurses Day). The event included stroke coordinator nurses from primary, comprehensive, and stroke-ready hospitals throughout California.

Given 2020's "Year of the Nurse" designation, Operation Scrubs upgrades included a 2-day event offering continuing nurse education symposium credit plus a NightinGala honoring Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday celebration. Nurse invitees were to have included all 50 States, DC and U.S. Territories.

Then "COVID-19" HAPPENED -- and much of today's world panicked, slowed, stopped, retreated, or sought refuge -- except a nurse with a vision and wherewithal to continue supporting her country's 3.8+ million registered nurse peers!

Undeterred, Nye said, "I'm just doing what nurses do every day. I assessed the situation and, with a proactive mindset, I planned and I acted. This time the plan was turning the Covid-19 sour lemon into educational lemonade."

Nye's "lemonade" recipe includes adaptation and moving forward with prior Operation Scrubs 2020 event plans, but with as-needed modifications. She's also using her retirement savings to underwrite the symposium and its high-tech global webcast production.

May 11, 2020, remains the contracted event date, with FantaSea Yachts, Inc. repeating its yacht-providing venue sponsorship. Initial adjustments include CDC compliance regarding maximum attendance. Other decisions mirroring CDC guidelines include restricting nurse invitations to California. Invited nurse categories are limited to Advance Practice and Floor Nurses whom Nye's categorization as the "front-line, boots-on-the-floor nursing staff responsible for receiving, screening, and providing whatever care's needed for their Covid-19 patients."

One significant decision is Nye's waiving tuition fees for symposium attendance and event's global live/streaming + on-demand video webcast providing is 7.5 hours of continuing education unit credit benefitting America's 6,500+ accredited hospitals and 3.8+ million registered nurses.

When asked, "Why no symposium fee?" Nye's response was immediate and rhetorical."Why not!? "Most nursing licenses require ongoing continuing nurse education, and Covid-19 doesn't mean nurse education access needs to stop. It just became a challenge to accelerate and expand webcast plans I announced in January.

"Besides," Nye continued, "people all over the world are making significant adjustments and sacrifices to help deal with this Corona Virus Pandemic. What I'm doing is just another contribution, along with a 'thank you' message to show my respect and appreciation for the compassionate, dedicated, day-to-day commitment these nurses provide to help us all get through this challenging period."

Nye acknowledged Covid-19 affected prior and possibly future sponsorship support but believed her adjustments webcast plan be the needed remedy but wouldn't discuss is her cost underwriting. She was, however, enthusiastic and vocal about "not allowing some unknown future details prevent Operation Scrubs from achieving its 'Educating, Promoting, and Thanking Nurses' mission objective."

Pamela Jane Nye – RN, Pamela Jane Nye, RN, MS, CNS-BC, CNRN, SCRN, ENLS -- Recently as Clinical Nurse Specialist, Stroke Coordinator, and systemwide nurse educator for UCLA Medical Center, Nye remains an Associate Professor at the UCLA School of Nursing

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