DriveItAway Attending NADA Convention to Introduce Car Dealers to New App Based Rent-To-Own Program



NADA Las Vegas 2020

NADA Las Vegas 2020

DriveItAway App Rent to Own

DriveItAway App

John F. Possumato, CEO of DriveItAway invites all Automotive Industry Attendees to Meet Him to Learn About this New Groundbreaking eCommerce Platform, Feb 14-17

I’ve haven’t missed an NADA Convention in over 30 years, and I’m elated this year to introduce our new DriveItAway program, to reverse ‘profit compression’ & gain more loyal customers”
— John F. Possumato

HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY, USA, February 6, 2020 / -- DriveItAway, Inc., the industry leader in car dealer focused Shared Mobility and consumer focused rental and rent-to-own technology, announces that it will be front and center for dealers at the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) Convention next week in Las Vegas, February 14-17, 2020.

John Possumato, the founder and CEO, will attend the show himself from ‘dusk until dawn’ to meet as many potential dealer partners, manufacturers and other industry vendor friends, at this, the largest automotive retailer event of the year.

Along with Possumato and the DriveItAway team, will be representatives from two large long-time industry providers, now partners of DriveItAway: CloudOne/CreditYes the industry leading fully-integrated automotive call center/credit based lead generation company, and Accu-Trade/Galves, the first “Vin-Dow” for used vehicles that reflects precisely what each used vehicle is worth, complete with an actual cash offer, powered by 60+ years of Galves Market Data.

“I love the annual NADA Convention, as it’s the one time and place where I can catch up, personally with all of the old friends I’ve met in the business over the last three decades, and the best place to meet new friends in the automotive business, it’s why I haven’t missed a show in over 30 years,” says Possumato, “This year is especially exciting, and marks a hallmark in my career, as we are truly introducing a new process and method that combines the best, and most lucrative benefits, of eCommerce, fintech, rental/carsharing and subprime sales, putting one easy to implement turnkey solution into car dealers hands – so they can truly ‘disrupt’ the new ‘disruptors’ in the industry, now getting all of the headlines.”

Possumato continues, “Our technology and our partners allow a new car dealer to easily and seamlessly close subprime customers, ride share and non-ride share drivers alike, into a trial ‘rent-to-own’ vehicle, which enables a process of down payment accrual and credit repair for a conversion to sale. Everyone in the business knows there are a lot of subprime customers out there, and that they are the most profitable and loyal of dealership customers if you can enable them to buy – our app based technology does that for a dealer, with no ‘heavy lifting’ or credit risk – sort of a ‘subprime’ Carvana, but an app platform built for dealers to use.”

“I welcome everyone at the NADA Convention to come meet up personally, with me or representatives from CloudOne/CreditYes or Accu-Trade, to get more information on our program or to just ‘talk shop.’ Make an appointment on NADACalendar, or email me at, or just reach out as I’m walking around the expo hall, in a presentation or workshop, or at a nighttime event, whatever works out best” Possumato concludes.

Date: February 14-17
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

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