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Constitutional Court registers increase of lawsuits

Luanda, ANGOLA, February 6 - The Constitutional Court has registered in the last few years an increase in lawsuits relating to the defence of violated constitutional rights, informed last Wednesday, in Luanda, the institution’s deputy chairperson, counsellor-judge Guilhermina Prata.,


The vice-chairwoman of the Constitutional Court spoke to the press, outside the Magna Conference on the “10 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola”, promoted by the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Angola (UCAN).

She considered it a good sign that there was an increase in the awareness of citizens in resorting to their lawyers in order to bring actions before the Constitutional Court to see their constitutional rights safeguarded.

"Overall, we are in an acceptable situation since, in fact, we see a greater number of requests that call for constitutional justice", said the source, requesting, however, more awareness campaigns to improve the situation.


The country’s supreme law (Constitution), which founded the 3rd Republic, comprises 244 articles, most of which received occasional adjustments suggested by institutions and citizens during the public consultation phase, conducted by the Constitutional Commission.

The Constitution of the Angolan Republic was prepared by a commission made up of 60 deputies and supported by 19 experts, appointed by the parties represented in the National Assembly.


The country's fundamental text establishes three sovereign bodies: the President of the Republic (also head of the Executive), the National Assembly (Parliament) and the Courts, the first and second being elected by direct, secret and periodic universal suffrage, under the terms of the Constitution and the law.