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M2Moms® The Marketing to Moms Conference Expands To Include Family Marketing With Year Round Marketing Community

M2Moms - Marketing to Moms

Nan McCann, Founder & Producer M2Moms

Broader Focus Online & Year-Round Reflects the Business Reality Of Today’s Modern Family Life

The M2Moms/New Family Marketing Community is a multi-platform, online executive learning forum designed to keep marketers continually up to date with moms and today’s ever-changing families”
— Nan McCann, M2Moms® Founder & Producer
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, February 4, 2020 / -- Nan McCann, Founder and Producer of M2Moms® -The Marketing to Moms Conference, announced that M2Moms® is “expanding our reach in the marketing community to reflect the full impact of moms’ and family purchasing on our economy. With the explosion of social and digital media and big data, today’s moms’ purchasing is driven more than ever by the messaging her kids, her peers and her extended family receive and communicate to her. The change is constant. To help marketers address this expansion of the purchasing sphere, this April we will launch a 24/7/365 Members Only Community in addition to the annual October conference. It is called the M2Moms/New Family Marketing Community. Marketers can sign up for complimentary charter membership at The Community will give members a wide variety of features including:
 Expert videos on research, market insights, case studies, tech & data how-to
 Marketing to moms, women & family thought leader interviews
 On-going members-only info features on marketing to women, moms & family topics
 News you can use to keep you up-to-date and first-in-class
 Industry Cameos – who’s who mini profiles on peeps who’ve got the goods!
 At Your Service Assistance finding resources & help, guided by M2Mom®’s co-founder
 Special annual conference discounts for your Members Only Status“

Helping Marketers Keep Up With Today’s Moms & Today’s Family Purchasing
“The Members Only M2Moms/New Family Marketing Community is a multi-platform, online executive learning forum designed to keep marketers continually up to date with moms and today’s ever changing families. It continues and expands the core mission of M2Moms®, to help marketers build more business with moms, a market that is always changing and evolving. It never stays the same.” according McCann. “The 2019 Conference featured multiple sessions on the broader definition of family that shifts according to circumstance, and how moms are adapting to new ways of parenting. They’re embracing every emerging form of tech and using every screen at their disposal to network, search, get advice, recommend, shop & buy. The tech sessions & media discussions were presented by Google, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube Kids, GfK, Foursquare, BuzzFeed, The Motherboard, Playwell, LLC and Edison Research. Additionally, we explored how “smart” innovation is changing the home environment, introducing proximity targeting and issues like data privacy.”

More 2019 M2Moms® Highlights:
“We also looked at how intergenerational marketing has become a key component of marketing to moms and women. It included timely new presentations on the very real differences between millennial moms and the massive emerging cohort of Gen Z moms and women. And we saw how micro-insights help marketers increase their research ROI and get the most out of their data and info. Additionally, we looked at the moms market in China. Every year 15 million new babies are born in China versus only 4 million new US babies. It absolutely dwarfs the US market.”

Creative Engagement & Awards:
“It’s wasn’t all work. In keeping with our annual traditions, we presented M2Moms® “Mom First” & “This Woman Means Business” Awards. The “Mom First” Award is given to a mom who saw and successfully pursued a business opportunity she discovered while being a mom. It was awarded to Facebook’s Lauren Brandt the founder of Facebook’s SuperMoms, an internal movement to build community for moms returning to work from maternity leave. The “This Women Means Business” Award is presented to a proven business leader… an innovator and visionary…who in words and actions recognizes that women can be a transforming economic force in the world today…that for every successful enterprise, women mean business. In 2019 it was presented in memory of Ethel Percy Andrus, Ph.D. the elder rights activist who made a lasting impact on our society when she founded AARP.”

2019 M2Moms® / M2W® Sponsors:
Google, AARP, Facebook, Parenthood by Healthline, Foursquare, Wongdoody, The Motherboard, GfK, FlashLight Insights, Playwell LLC, Marketing to Mums, Tinybeans, Incite, The Female Factor, The Pepper Miller Group, Edison Research, BuzzFeed, Millennial Ad Network, Foundry 360 at Meredith, Snippies, Tiny Tutus and Destination Maternity. M2Moms® was proud to support The First 1,000 Days.

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