The Business of Fine Craft in 2020

Dumke's signature blend of fine craftsmanship and meticulous detailing, in an elegant statement-making console.

Classic Shaker styling and craftsmanship meet modern sensibility in this masterpiece of fine woodworking - beautiful as an console, sofa, or hall table.

Standing tall on graceful legs, this meticulously constructed lighted cabinet is crafted in solid Pennsylvania cherry with dark wenge accents.

Handcrafted furniture by Tom Dumke, Thomas William Furniture.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2020 / -- When Tom began creating furniture in the 1980s, he did so from an overpowering desire to build with his hands. He had no defined direction or goal to create a business, initially, his admiration for wood and time-honored joinery techniques were his compass points. He was motivated purely by desire and fulfillment he derived from the work itself. Thirty-six years later, Tom's desires are still the guiding force behind our Oconomowoc-based company. The focus on the magical union of the hand and the wood is the heart of the furniture’s appeal. In a rare successful convergence of craft and commerce, Thomas William Furniture is a small business that both celebrates artistic precision and produces a favorably marketable product.

Thomas William Furniture's genuine beauty, ageless design and handcrafted in select American hardwoods, with a few select exotic, sustainably harvested and milled add to the exquisiteness of each piece. Two people, Tom, the furniture maker in a 900-square-foot workshop and Linda, Tom's wife, in marketing, administration and other duties as assigned make up the small business. The importance of Fine Art/Craft shows, combined with working with galleries, interiors designers, as well as marketing and selling online. Thomas William Furniture really benefits from being seen and felt. Fine Art/Craft shows have significant rewards in terms of converting people who like their product into customers; however, in the years they have been doing Fine Art/Craft shows, there is change in the wind. The Collection is being purchased online.

"Modern with a traditional flair" is integral to its appeal. Each piece is handmade by Tom, start to finish, including name plate and signature. The human element adds significant value to the products; furniture created by hand has value. People today care about where their purchases come from, how they were made, what their dollars are supporting. The shop utilizes limited technology; Thomas William Furniture is balancing craft and technology and Tom's eyes are focused on the details. People are looking for things that are made in America, by people who work with their hearts as well as with their hands. A timeless treasure. . . .handcrafted furniture by Tom Dumke, Thomas William Furniture. Tom will be exhibiting work in the wood media category at the 50th anniversary Scottsdale Arts Festival presented by Scottsdale Arts. 900 artists applied to the 2020 event, scheduled for March 13-15 at the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall.

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