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PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, January 15, 2020 / -- Electric Ships Market:

Executive Summary

Significantly a majority of the water vessels have been powered by diesel-powered engines. With the inclusion of popularity of the sail-powered engines and the gasoline engines, the ships powered by electricity or the commonly known as the Electric Ships have now been used for more than 120 years. The Electric Ships were much popular from the era of the 1880s until the 1920s, when the dominance of the internal combustion engine came into existence.

Ever since the crises of energy in the 1970s, the demand for the quiet and potential sources of renewable marine energy has been convincingly increasing with all steadiness and especially as the more efficient solar cells that have become readily available for the possible making of the motorboats with an infinite range of product of the Electric Ships. The first solar-powered Electric Ship was constructed in the year 1975 in the United Kingdom. The first Electric Ship that completed the round-the-world tour, which included the transit of the Panama Canal by only using the green technology known as the Eco Sailing Project.

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Based on the system, the conversion of the segment of power of the market Electric Ships is also projected of growth at the highest level of CAGR that ranges from the year 2019 to the year 2025 and from 2025 to 2030. In the recent few years, more cargo and passengers have been transported on the Electric Ships. This also increases the demand for the devices' power semiconductors as ships cannot sail electrically without the help of the power semiconductor devices in the power train.

Market Segmentation of the Global Electric Ships Market

The Global Electric Ships Market has been segmented depending upon its types. The different significant kinds of segments are,

Battery Electric Ships – These are the ships that run on the Li-Ion batteries and ads a lot to the conservation of the fuel.

Hybrid Electric Ships – The Hybrid Electric Ships are capable of achieving the propulsion by the use of the fuelled powered source.

Market key player are covered:
Boesch Motorboote
Duffy Electric Boat
Ruban Bleu
Triton Submarines
Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company

Major Geographical Regions of the Electric Ships Market

Based on the regional segmentation, the Global Market of the Electric Ships includes the countries like the Mexico, the United States of America, France, Poland, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Italy, Canada, Russia, China, , Japan, Indonesia, South Korea Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Philippines, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and GCC Countries from the regions like the North America, the Middle East & Africa, Central & South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Industry Insights

The Global Market for Electric Ships has been into the expectations of growing at a higher Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.2% during the forecasting period for the generation of revenue, which is expected to more than the anticipated value of the year 2030 of 15.6 Billion USD. The Global Market of Electric Ships was recorded to be moving at a higher positive side in the year 2019 with revenue of 5.2 Billion USD. The forecasted period for the growth of the Global Market of the Electric Ships termed as 2019 – 2030.


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