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Lisa Goldenthal, Weight Loss Expert and Author, Explains the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Lisa Goldenthal

“Success in weight loss is not just about what you eat but when you eat.” – Lisa Goldenthal, Weight Loss Expert and Author.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2020 / -- Lisa Goldenthal, a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Expert, and winner of the Best of Los Angeles Award for “Best Diet Book - 2019”, has now revealed the benefits of intermittent fasting that all fitness-minded readers should be aware of. Check them out below:

Success in weight loss is not just about what you eat but when you eat. IF is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Your body is either in a fed state or fasted state. And the specific eating pattern that I recommend is the 16/8 pattern.

This is an 8-hour eating window with a 16-hour fast because it is easy to follow long-term. Many studies show that it can have powerful effects on your body and brain and may even help you live longer.

INTERMITTENT FASTING IS A VERY POWERFUL WEIGHT LOSS TOOL that I use. I usually drink lot’s of water with lemon and coffee to fill me up in the morning and eat my first meal at 11 or 12 to finish at 7 or 8 but I sometimes do 1 to 9.

By making you eat fewer meals, intermittent fasting can lead to an automatic reduction in CALORIC intake, intermittent fasting changes hormone levels to facilitate weight loss.

In addition to lowering insulin which is super important for anyone that is pre-diabetic, at the same time it increases human growth hormone levels and the release of fat burning hormones.

Because of these hormonal changes, intermittent fasting may increase your metabolic rate by as much as 3.6–14%. By helping you eat fewer calories and burn more calories, intermittent fasting causes weight loss by changing both sides of the caloric equation.

Here are some of the health benefits You May experience from fasting for as little as 16 hours a day: When you fast, your body’s cells change and initiate important cellular repair processes called autophagy.

Intermittent fasting can help you become a fat burner rather than a sugar burner so who wouldn’t want that? Sugar burners have more inflammation and eat mostly carbs sometimes struggling with their weight, so meal timing and becoming a fat burner will helps you age better, I’m all about aging in reverse!

Other important health benefits are increased energy, decreased inflammation, 95% of all disease is caused by inflammation, if also boosts brain function and improves memory.

When you fast, your body adjusts hormone levels to make stored body fat more accessible. Having less belly fat and body fat is directly related to your HGH production. When you are fasting HGH skyrockets as much as 5 X. This has huge benefits like fat loss and muscle gain. This helps you age backwards and have a faster metabolic rate.

Here is the step-by-step game plan my clients and I use to safely and permanently lose weight on the 16/8 Intermittent fasting pattern:

#1) What I recommend is to Skip Breakfast push your first meal 5-6 hours after you wake up So if your rushing off with no time for breakfast don’t worry you don’t have to eat it! or if that doesn’t work for you pick a window that does. IF is flexible and based on the time that actually works in your life for example some of my clients eat from 9-5 or 10-6 11-7 The great news is your body responds by digging into its fat stores for energy.

#2) Stay busy during your fast. Just focus on getting stuff done. That way you’ll have less time to worry about food and hunger.

#3) If you are fasting you need to stay really hydrated, often times people mistake the sensation of thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated can also help YOU eliminate a lot of those extra hunger pangs

Obviously, what you eat during your time you are eating will give you more energy. You have to be careful not to overeat during you eating window. I recommend eating low carb veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and salad, and high-quality protein also healthy fat like Wild caught Salmon, nuts, avocado, coconut and mct oil.


A woman of many talents, Lisa Goldenthal is the owner and founder of Lisa G Fitness, which is known as the results-driven wellness retreat, corporate wellness leader, weight loss expert, and fitness expert of choice for people wishing to live a healthier and happier life.

Utilizing a truly holistic approach to good health, Lisa has now produced real results in her business for more than 20 years. She strongly encourages lowering stress levels to improve overall health, and she relies on nutritional education plus personal training knowledge to help her clients achieve and maintain optimal health. She graduated from UCLA’s renowned Personal Training Program and her proudest accomplishment is her popular fitness DVD entitled “Skinny Jeans Workout.”

Her book, “The Boss Weight Loss: Permanent Weight Loss in Six Easy Steps,” is for those who are tired of starting out each summer trying a new diet trend, only to lose the weight and gain it right back again. The book starts with an education about nutrition, exercise and physical and spiritual health, and ultimately leads to a lifestyle that echoes all these principles.

As a bonus this book also comes with downloadable links to workouts, a cookbook, worksheets and a weight loss meditation.

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