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Eliot Pargament Provides a Simple Technique for Maintaining Good General Health of Your Horse

Eliot Pargament Arkansas

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, December 30, 2019 / -- This article is by Eliot Pargament, a Certified Farrier who works in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware areas. Eliot received his training at the Tucson School of Horseshoeing in Arizona and at Kentucky Horseshoeing School.

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It is important for horse owners to regularly maintain their horses’ hooves by picking up their hooves after each ride and cleaning as much debris and dirt from each hoof. This involves picking up each hoof and scraping them off to remove debris.

This technique is most important for horses that spend much time in damp areas, where dirt and debris accumulate much faster than it does with horses that spend most of their time in very dry climates. Performing routine maintenance has two distinct advantages:

It helps to prevent issues such as hoof fungal infections, which can radiate and cause other health issues.
It is easier and more efficient for a farrier to work on a horse that is used to regularly having its legs picked up and maintained by the owner. Often horses that do not receive regular hoof maintenance are more problematic when farriers trim hooves and shoe the horse.

Many people wonder how American Indians used to get by without ever shoeing their horses. The simple answer is that the average life span of these horses was not as long as horses who receive regular hoof maintenance.

Following this simple technique can result in a horse leading a more healthy and productive life. Remember the saying “no hoof no horse”. Please contact Eliot Pargament for your Farrier needs.

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