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"USD 500 million" case: Valter Filipe remains hospitalized

Luanda, ANGOLA, December 10 - Valter Filipe, former governor of the Central Bank of Angola, defendant implicated in the "500 million" case remains hospitalized. ,



Defendant in the trial of former Sovereign Fund Chairperson, Jose Filomeno dos Santos “Zenu”, Valter Filipe felt ill and was rushed to the hospital following a respiratory crisis during an emergency the first day of the hearing and discussion of the trial.


 “Valter Filipe spent all day on the serum.


He suffers from apnea. It is so serious that he can die asleep, ”said his lawyer, Sérgio Raimundo.


For the lawyer, although the measure of coercion was lifted, except for the Term of Identity and Residence, and can respond in freedom, the defendant was never able to travel abroad for treatment because he was deprived of passport.


The lawyer emphasized that he had already written to the Ombudsman to report the matter but received no reply.


In addition to Valter Filipe and "Zenu dos Santos", the former director of BNA's Reserve Management Department, António Samalia Bule, and businessman Jorge Gaudens are involved.


The four defendants report to the Supreme Court Criminal Chamber for an alleged illegal transfer of USD 500 million from the Central Bank of Angola (BNA) to an account at Credit Suisse of London, England.


In the process, Valter Filipe is accused of crimes of embezzlement, money laundering and fraud.


José Filomeno dos Santos and the other two are accused of crimes of influence peddling, money laundering and fraud.


The trial resumes Wednesday, December 11th.


Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by repetitive episodes of breathing pauses or shallow breathing periods during asleep. Pauses may occur several times a night and often cause oxygen desaturation.