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K2 Group India Launches ‘Saarthi’ - A Charioteer of Hope

Taking a Step Towards Humanity - ‘Saarthi’ - A Charioteer of Hope

DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, December 2, 2019 / -- K2 Group India recently aligned itself with a humanitarian aim to improve the lifestyle and aiding in the education of an unprivileged lot of children in India. K2 Group India is the founder of a diverse set of sister concerns like K2 Appliances, MBS info solution, Ads and Url and Dear Pet. All aim at a different set of objectives that eventually tally to provide a better living to the earthlings.

The Heartfelt Vision and Motto

‘Saarthi’ is a united venture set in motion by two of the K2 Group’s India heads, Mr. Mohit Bansal and Mr. Shubham Bansal. It aims to aid in the education and living expenses of hundreds of indigent children with a zeal to learn and grow, on a yearly basis.
As voiced by Mr. Mohit “ I don’t believe in showing compassion by words, but by the actions and this couldn’t be more personal as I have encouraged the association of my own daughter’s name with it”.

The journey of ‘Saarthi’ - a charioteer of hope, began on the propitious day of Diwali this year (2019) where the enrolled children were ushered to the official address of the K2 Group India. They were engaged in various fun activities like group dances, solo dance, games, etc. Cheered by the whole of the friendly office staff enthusiastically, they were given an official tour to witness all the decorations by themselves and make friends on their way. On their way out, they were also presented with refreshments and gifts personally by the organizational heads, Mr. Mohit and Mr. Shubham Bansal.

From Loving, To Have Towards Loving to Provide

Mr. Shubham, who is co-heading the organization, gave a speech about how he enjoyed their visit and said: “ It is the smile on the faces of all these children all that I crave for”.
As heartfelt as that statement was, it was hard to believe that it was coming from such a young entrepreneur aged only 25. He later added, “ I have been through innumerable hardships myself but I believe I can change that for a few now”.

Mr. Mohit Bansal was there with his wife Mrs. Priyanka Bansal and his 1-year-old little daughter, Saarthi, to encourage the underprivileged ones to follow their dreams personally.

The K2 Group India Journey

K2 Group India was established 4 years ago, back in 2015. It took shape immediately after, within a few months, with its first website, K2 Appliances, successfully gaining a spot among the top appliance review companies. With time a lot of sister conglomerates joined the K2 board. Dear Pet, a part of the K2 Group India, caters to the diverse needs of pets and pet owners by promoting products and services for their well-being. Ads and Url, another sister’s concern, a website development, and app development venture, is their take on the digital marketing world to push young entrepreneurs towards success.

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