Bentazone Market 2019- Global Industry Analysis, By Key Players, Segmentation, Trends and Forecast By 2025

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Bentazone Market
Bentazone is basically herbicide which is used to control weeds in agriculture and horticulture. This herbicide finds use in a large variety of crops and also in pastures and lawns. Benatzone acts on the leaves and also has a control action on soil. Bentazone is a registered herbicide and is used in almost eighty countries to protect agricultural as well as non-agricultural crops. Bentazone is usually available in the form of soluble concentrates or SL. The herbicide can easily be used as it does not have an adverse impact on the micro-organisms in the soil.
Bentazone functions to inhibit the function and growth of weeds thereby ensuring that crops can grow with the required nutrition from the soil. The use of this herbicide has no hazardous impact on the organisms that thrive in soil and also the ones that feed on plants like honeybees. This is one of the main reasons why Bentazone is a preferred herbicide as compared to others and is being increasingly demanded.
The global bentazone market is expected to grow at an incremental rate. The selective herbicide is becoming popular for use in cereals, onion, garlic, grass seed crops, lucerne and potatoes. The global market for the herbicide is therefore expected to show an impressive growth in the coming years.

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Key Players of Global Bentazone Market =>
• BASF Crop Protection
• Jiangsu Henglong Crop Protection
• Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals
• Farmlord Agrochemical Company
• Anhui Fengle Agrochemical
• Jiangsu Lulilai Company
• Yufull
• SinoHarvest

Bentazon Market Segmentation
Bentazone as herbicide needs to be used with sufficient quantity of water so that the weeds can be completely covered. The market for Bentazone is segmented primarily by Type and Application.
By Type, Bentazone is available in Bentazone 25% SL, Bentazone 48% SL and others. This refers to the concentration of the herbicide. Both these types of bentazone contribute in a significant manner to the global market.
On the basis of application, bentazone is used in fruits, peanuts and cereals and soya beans and phaseolus beans. The fruit segment dominates the market share and will continue to do so. The use of the herbicide in growth of cereals and peanuts is also adding to the global market share in a significant manner. The fact that the use of the herbicide is not hazardous for the growth of plants and does not have an adverse impact on the quality of soil is driving the demand of this herbicide.
There are a handful of market players in the global market for bentazone. These key players have given rise to a competitive landscape in the global market to provide this herbicide with the right amount of concentrates and at a reasonable price. These prominent players also make sure that they meet the demand for the herbicide at the global level

Bentazon Industry Regional Analysis
The global bentazone market is segmented into the regions of United States, China, Europe, India, Japan, and South East Asia. North America dominates the market share followed by Europe. Asia Pacific region is expected to emerge as a leader of the global market for bentazone. This is because of the increased production of agricultural as well as non-agricultural crops in the region and the need for better yield of such crops.

Bentazon Trends Industry News
The use of bentazone has been under scanner as herbicide because it happens to be the most detected pesticide in groundwater and surface water majorly in UK and Europe. With legislation on pesticides and herbicides now in place in Europe, bentazone may lose European market to some extent leading to a slow-down of the global market as well.

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Major Key Players of Global Bentazone Market
• 1 Industry Overview of Bentazone
• 2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis
• 3 Development and Manufacturing Plants Analysis of Bentazone
• 4 Key Figures of Major Manufacturers
• 5 Bentazone Regional Market Analysis
• 6 Bentazone Segment Market Analysis (by Type)
• 7 Bentazone Segment Market Analysis (by Application)
• 8 Bentazone Major Manufacturers Analysis
• 9 Development Trend of Analysis of Bentazone Market
• 11 Market Dynamics
• 12 Conclusion
• 13 Appendix

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