Progressive Cavity Pump Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Forecast To 2025

This report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

PUNE, INDIA, November 26, 2019 / -- Market Overview

Looking at the chemical composition of N-Heptane, it is clear that it is a straight-chain alkane. It comes from petroleum and has several use cases, as the chemical properties are versatile. N-Heptane is odorless and clear liquid hydrocarbon. The best way to recognize this substance is the octane rating scale, as it is the standard for zero-point. Octane number refers to the anti-knock properties of N-Heptane. Inside a gasoline engine, under immense amounts of pressure, this substance combusts. The reason for choosing this substance as the zero point is because of the availability of large amounts of pure N-Heptane.

Although there are other sources that produce this substance, such as crude oil, the problem is that it doesn’t give precise zero point. N-Heptane has several use cases in various industries. For example, laboratories all over the world utilize this substance as a non-polar solvent. In its liquid form, it is excellent for storage and transport. When used in the grease spot test, it can dissolve oil spots to highlight the presence of organic compounds. N-Heptane also helps differentiate aqueous iodine and aqueous bromine. When dissolved in water, both these substances remain brown. Iodine becomes purple when dipped in N-Heptane, while bromine continues to be brown.

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For commercial purposes, manufacturers mix N-Heptane with other compounds and use them in coatings and paints. It is also used as rubber cement solvent and fuel in outdoor stoves. Government and law enforcement agencies use N-Heptane as the solvent to process latent fingerprints. The reason is that it protects the intensity and clarity of the fingerprints, without damaging the writing ink. N-Heptane is responsible for acting as a compounder during vulcanization of rubber. Depending on the percentage of N-Heptane, it produces rubber cement of different grades.

The following manufacturers are covered:
ITT Bornemann
FMC Technologies
General Electric Company


Segmentation of the N-Heptane market is crucial, as it helps estimate the change that can take place in the industry. One classification of this substance is by product type, which categorizes N-Heptane into Heptane 95%, Heptane 97%, and Other. The second categorization is by application, which includes chemical synthesis, industrial solvents, electronics, pharmaceutical intermediates, and others.

Regional Overview

Regional overview of N-Heptane market helps understand the demand, improving the accuracy of the report. In Americas, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and United States are the regions under observation. Data from APAC, China, Japan, and Korea is available in the N-Heptane market report. From Southeast Asia, India is the major region that provides ample amounts of industry information. From Europe, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, and Spain are the areas of interest, along with Australia. From Middle East and Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and South Africa are the regions of focus. Similarly, data from GCC countries are also available in the N-Heptane market report.

Latest Industry News

Researchers used N-Heptane to understand asphaltenes, a complex molecule found in crude oil. This substance absorbs water/oil interfaces, making it difficult to recover during oil spills. By using N-Heptane, researchers observed spontaneous emulsification, to see how it behaves in this solvent. Understanding the behavior of asphaltenes will have a huge impact on the oil, pharmaceutical, medical, foods, and cosmetics industry.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1 Industry Overview of Progressive Cavity Pump

2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis

3 Development and Manufacturing Plants Analysis of Progressive Cavity Pump

4 Key Figures of Major Manufacturers

5 Progressive Cavity Pump Regional Market Analysis

6 Progressive Cavity Pump Segment Market Analysis (by Type)

7 Progressive Cavity Pump Segment Market Analysis (by Application)

8 Progressive Cavity Pump Major Manufacturers Analysis

9 Development Trend of Analysis of Progressive Cavity Pump Market

10.1 Marketing Channel

11 Market Dynamics

12 Conclusion


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